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The collection of swab specimens for pre employment screening is being used to collect citizen DNA and create profiles -- getting info via background checks, credit reports etc. The drug screening is for future America -- not to screen for illicit drugs, but rather to be sure you are taking the Government prescribed drugs (behavior modification, mind control, etc. Cameras in the classroom are not for protection, but rather to monitor making sure the teacher is adhering to the 'script' and allowing any sort of discussions deemed inappropriate. It's not about education, its not about AD/HD, its about how a chemical lobotomy enhances indoctrination! 


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This page was last updated 09/23/12

NAFTA and the other organizations will be discussed on this page.

These are the issues as I understand them and the links provided offer some of the references I researched which contributed to my rationale.

Using NAFTA as an example, the idea was to provide more jobs and improve economic and social standards in three nations, America, Canada and Mexico.

NAFTA is not a free trade agreement but rather an investment agreement. The contract allows for the benefit of companies to use lower wage Canadian workers over American workers. Lower wage Mexican labor over American workers. 

However, they neglected to explain you had to go to prison to get a job. I will be posting more information about prison labor in America and in Mexico.

Why is it when the world corporate leaders meet to discuss plans that will impact all our lives, the meetings are held in private while media attention is paid to  the protestors who are facing police who are dressed in riot gear and wielding chemicals, rubber bullets and clubs?

Why can't the public know what the meeting agenda consists of? Afterall, the decisions and outcomes will affect we the people and the world economy.

Why does the media give more air time to the lesser number of people who are engaged in violence or illegal activity during the protest rather than the greater number of people who are nuns and mothers with kids? 

What I have seen thus far is; in the beginning corporations claimed the greedy lazy unions were the problem. These companies said they had to move over seas and hire low wage workers in order to make a profit. The companies were found to have been operating sweat shops, not to mention said companies were conveniently avoiding the IRS.

However, the companies continued to claim they were not making a profit. I had to ask, "Where is the money?"

I mean if you can't make a profit when you are using kids and paying them pennies a day while avoiding the expenses of paying medical benefits or retirement funds and managing to escape the IRS, and still no profit--you need to get out of the business! Where is the money?

If that is not enough for you, ponder this; prison labor in private prisons. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against prisoners working. I think they should work and contribute to the system that is housing them during their punishment or rehabilitation. However, this side of the issue is not what I am discussing.

My premise stems from the economics in the use of prison labor by the companies who pay them 20 cents a day or 4 cents an hour. Companies who use prison labor have even greater economic gains than if they used slave labor. Slaves have to be housed, clothed and fed.

Prison labor provides workers who have their room and board paid for by the taxpayer. The company does not pay healthcare coverage yet the prison workers have greater access to medical care than over 42 million American citizens.

The company then overcharges the consumer who purchases the services or goods that are produced by the prisoners the consumers are supporting with their tax dollars!

The companies claim to be losing money, close down and subsequently lay off or essentially fire the workers. Only to return a few months later and prisoners are bussed in to do the work!

I have not had the time to do so, but I wonder if anyone has been able to investigate if the taxpayer is paying for the vehicles and fuel to transport the workers (prisoners).

What about the prisoners in tech jobs who have access to our credit information. The prisoners who book airline tickets--why--what if they were Muslims? I mean I have read where we there is a large Nation of Islam demographic in our prisons. Shudder the thought!

Considering the costs of the problem not only economically but also personally, peoples' careers and lives have been devastated, yet these risks continue because someone is profiting. Where is the money?

I will be adding information to this page as time goes on. I will be asking more questions.

I will be addressing the issue of outsourcing and how we as a country have been placed in a situation where we could literally be held hostage by a third world nation!

Please note: some of the sources are old  and remain on this site to validate my premise; the parties serve to divide. These machinations have been perpetuated by democrat and republican. My apologies for the broken links I am working on fixing and thank you for your patience!
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