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This page was last updated 07/16/09

This page is to honor our veterans who bravely fought in the past wars, military actions and foreign conflicts. And, to honor our military soldiers who are now serving to protect the rights and freedoms of citizens in foreign lands.

We as a nation do not have a very good record of taking care of our veterans, and I feel that I do not stand alone as an American citizen who supports our troops and our vets.

Iraq Body Count | DATABASE | Latest Updates

Gulf War Veterans Sue  (Article claims 11,000 vets have already died!)

Bush and GOP renege on veterans budget

The military has failed to comply with the 1997 Force Health Protection law. The troops in Iraq are not receiving health screenings, especially blood sampling, as mandated by this law which grew out of the tough lessons learned from the 1991 Gulf War. The new law requires the military now perform medical and mental examinations before and after overseas deployment.

Hall of Shame
Read the "Hall of Shame" and see how your representatives voted to attack our veterans benefits.

Protect OUR veterans today and OUR troops who will become OUR veterans of tomorrow!

e-mail enverlope animated gifContacting the Congress   

In 2002 our VA hospitals cut the healthcare benefits rightfully earned by our brave soldiers.

In 2003 Mr. Bush signed changes to the Treasury Department resulting in all future veterans suffering pension cuts.

Veterans for Common Sense 
Gulf War I veterans with a lot of information and submissions posted from veterans and visitors to the site

Excellent site to keep up with the bills in the House and Senate

Veteran Stories ~ changing hearts and minds

Not only does war wound the bodies of our brave soldiers, it also wounds their minds. Let us not forget Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Let's face it. War is unhealthy!

According to an article by Pamela Hess, December 5, 2000, (UPI) --The Pentagon notified approximately 35,000 Gulf War veterans they may have been exposed to low levels of a nerve agent in March 1991 when an Army unit destroyed a cache of Iraqi rockets packed with sarin and cyclosarin, according to Bernard Rostker, the special assistant for Gulf War illnesses, medical readiness and military deployments. But for 33,000 veterans, Defense Department records failed to indicate they were in the area during the plume. It was only by correlating the diaries of soldiers that fought in the Gulf war that the Pentagon was able to identify all the units serving around Khamisiyah.

More than 66,000 of the veterans notified in 1997 of their possible exposure will be notified that despite the new models they were still in the path of the plume. About 110,000 veterans of the Gulf War self-report symptoms of the illness known as the Gulf War Syndrome, one of the causes identified was depleted uranium. Our soldiers were loading and handling weapons housing depleted uranium and they were not informed nor protected from this poison.

Most  of these Gulf War vets are diagnosed with other health problems, but, about 10,000 to 20,000 have unexplained illnesses that the Defense Department considers to be Gulf War Syndrome sufferers.

Of the 99,226 Agent Orange-related disability or survivorship claims submitted to the Veterans Administration, only 7,520 have been granted. From 1962 to 1971, the US military sprayed more than 18 million gallons of the defoliant over Vietnam.
The Wall OnLine A Tribute To The Men and Women of Vietnam

Our veterans deserve no less from YOU-- WE-- American citizens who live under the freedoms of this great nation due to the bravery, honor and sacrifices of our fine men and women in OUR USA military.

Current Issues - Depleted Uranium Weapons

Read the facts

RPD Vol 103 No 3 Page 211 (2003)

Military Order of the Purple Heart Home Page - Combat Wounded Veterans

Military family lose benefits
Please, read and send your comments to your representatives--support our vets.

Vet Service Organizations

Site where all military vet organizations can be accessed.

National Center for Ethics Veterans Health Administration
Read about what is going on with our vets healthcare

Complete E-Mail Addresses for Congress, Senate, Governors & State Legislators

Veterans Resource Guide

Veterans for Common Sense
Read what our vets say

USCWC -- Statistical Summary: America's Major Wars

Veteran/Military Web Sites

Veterans' Disability Compensation Injustice - Support HR 303 Petition
This is an old petition but the problem continues

**Please, check this site often for updated links and information.

The Purple Heart - Our First Military Medal

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