Taco Dip

Submitted by: Bugout

A nice hot dip that's good with warm tortilla chips.
Taco Dip
One can (frozen) chili, no beans.
One 8oz. cream cheese
One 8oz. Monterey Jack, Cheddar (your choice: mild, sharp, jalapeno.)
Put the chili in an 8x8 glass casserole dish.

 Dot cream cheese cubes evenly over the chili

Top with grated cheese. 

 Heat 20 minutes at 350 until hot & bubbly.

Serve with chips.

I put the taco chips in the oven a few minutes before the dip is ready, just to warm them.
This can be served with diced jalapeno, tomato or onion, shredded lettuce, hot sauce......the choice is yours.
This can easily be doubled or tripled, depending on the amount needed.