This flame of light will continue to burn until our soldiers return home

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This page was last updated 04/17/06




Make sure our soldiers today get the pre deployment medical exams and blood work as the 1997 Health Force Protection law and Department of Defense directive intended.

The likelihood more of our troops will be deployed to the Middle East continues to rise, and it is at this time I ask you to help me to protect our troops.

Our troops today are not receiving the health screenings, especially blood sampling, as mandated by the 1997 Force Health Protection law. Policy for Pre- and Post-Deployment Health Assessments and Blood Samples

Furthermore, the DoD Directive 6490.3, is not being followed.

These health monitoring policies grew out of the tough lessons learned from the 1991 Gulf War.

The law and directive requires the military to perform medical and mental examinations, including blood sampling pre and post overseas deployment.

The military has failed to comply with these mandates. Why?

We have soldiers in the Middle East who are sick now. We have soldiers who are coming home ill. Troops who are in German hospitals.

A 21 year old Airman who was stationed in the Middle East between January-May 2003, was sent home to Minot (North Dakota) Air Force and died on August 1, 2003, from a 'virus.

The father stated his son had been home several weeks and he informed him that several others in his unit were also sick. Over 100 soldiers have been sent to Germany and were so sick they were placed on breathing machines, diagnosed with 'pneumonia.' Two have died.

On August 5, 2003, the Army sent a six person medical team to the Middle East to investigate the illnesses of over 100 soldiers who had been ill enough to be hospitalized and on breathing machines. The diagnosis thought to be pneumonia.  The media has not followed up on this story. Why not?

On August 8, 2003, in an interview with Mark Neusche, father of Josh Neusche, one of the GW II troops to lose his life from the “mystery illness” while serving in Iraq.  The father stated that his 20-year-old healthy son, a former track star and non-smoker, had written home on June 26th explaining that he would be going on a 30-hour “hauling” mission, but that he could not disclose what they would be hauling.

By July 1, 2003,  Josh was in a coma, and that day was suddenly classified by the military, as medically retired from the Army without Josh or his family’s consent.

Josh did not die until July 12, 2003.

Among other problems that this new classification created was that the DoD was no longer obligated to assist the family in getting to Germany to be with their son as he lay in a coma.

Because the DoD would not provide even so much as plane or taxi fare for the Neusche family, all 650 members of the 203rd Engineer Battalion each contributed $10.00 to make the family’s final visit possible.

Nurses United To Protect OUR Troops

NTI: Global Security Newswire

Viral infection kills soldier

Army Medical Teams to Investigate Overseas Pneumonia Cases
Please, take note the media is avoiding using the terms, 'Iraq and Middle East', instead the term used is 'Southwest Asia' -- do you recall that term Southeast Asia?

United Press International: Sick, wounded U.S. troops held in squalor
Read about how our troops are suffering here in the USA

What Happens to Depleted Uranium Inside the Body?

The troops in the Middle East today are our veterans of tomorrow.

Please, consider where YOUR tax dollars are going.

Do you want YOUR tax dollars being used to pay companies to rebuild Iraq at the expense of our troops and our veterans?

What better method can we 'Support Our Troops' than by protecting their health?

e-mail enverlope animated gifContacting the Congress

Read about our sick troops in USA

Iraq Body Count | DATABASE | Latest Updates

Gulf War Veterans Sue Banks, Companies (Article claims 11,000 vets have already died!)

Veterans for Common Sense

Army Sends Teams to Probe Iraq Illness

AP Wire | 03/25/2003 | House member says Pentagon breaking
force health protection law

HA Policy 99-002
Policy for Pre- and Post-Deployment Health Assessments and

Blood Samples



Policy for Pre- and Post-Deployment Health Assessments and
Blood Samples

Environmentalists Against War


The Hunt for Weapons of Mass Deception
Please, read my essay

CNN poll  94% say Bush's Iraq war a quagmire

American Gulfwar Veterans Association

ThePowerHour Talk Radio Show w/Joyce Riley & Dave VonKleist

Current Issues - Depleted Uranium Weapons

Ohio Attorney General
Free legal assistance is available for Ohio servicemen and servicewomen being called to active duty in the war on terrorism. 

The P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Program (or Pro Bono Attorney General's Assistance Targeted to help Reserve, Guard, and active duty personnel In Ohio Today) will provide volunteer lawyers from the Ohio Attorney General's Office to assist enlisted personnel and their families in exercising their rights under the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act.  
Support Our Troops by Protecting Their Health
Please, sign my petition and join with me to protect our troops.

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