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"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. What I can do, I should do. And what I should do, by the grace of God, I will do."  ~ Edward Everett Hale ~

        Decided to start writing about my thoughts and ponderings because over the decades I have been validated/vindicated. My family and friends are aware of my observations, evaluations, analyses, now its documented on my website. Which is why I start a topic and a snippet of my thoughts to document when it happens and fill in the details later,

Pheromones/Olfactory sense/MHC compatability and birth control pills, Responsible for kids/adults today having more diseases, born with compromised immune systems. I've said for over 50 years that you cannot maintain a sustained intimate relationship with someone who you don't like their 'smell.' The birth control pill 'fools' the body into thinking it's pregnant. The female more inclined to 'sniff' out a mate of more similar MHC, a protective sense, rather than seeking mate to help have more sturdy and healthy children, more desire for males like a brother or father, this results in high incidence of infidelity by both genders.

2/8/10  Once again vindicated!
Epigenetics and how genes not only turn on behaviors, but behavior also turns on genes. more to follow .. I was talking about this to my family in the early and in chatrooms in 1998. Interjected the idea in the discussions on homosexuality, pedophilia.

Social and boardroom ethics eroded by the psychology of sports
Now nationally recognized professors in sociology and ethics are publishing essays about the psychology of sport and how its philosophy has eroded the social mores and boardroom ethics. I was writing about this when my son was playing T ball over 30 years ago! Wrote a paper about in college! Discussed in the chatroom in 1998,

OJ Simpson book and Fox special
What if the whole plan to have this book come out at this time? Could it be it's meant to monitor the pulse of WE the People -- could the media be looking at how effective they could influence the publishing of a controversial book? A precedent for other books to be incited to stop publishing? What makes me suspect this is that Fox is involved, and they not only support, they also perpetuate the government agenda. Is this a set up for things to come? Recall what I said about the Janet Jackson Super Bowl incident? And, what I said about the Dan Rather incident?  Do you recall what Rumsfeld told us?  There would be 'psych ops'  aka propaganda. Faux News personality program is THE government propaganda network, but they are all being controlled all mainstream is involved The consolidated media. And, pleeeze, don't think I am in any way condoning what OJ did. I think he murdered his ex wife and her friend! Now in 2012 OJ is back in jail for robbery!  Interesting the way the universe works.


Coulter and Palast book sales
Another brilliant maneuver. To have Coulter come out with a book that causes an uproar due to her attacking the 9-11 widows. She is being talked about in chatrooms and is seen on talk shows and talked about on the news and TV.  Barely, if any mention of the Greg Palast book  “Armed Madhouse : Who's Afraid of Osama Wolf?, China Floats, Bush Sinks, The Scheme to Steal '08…”
A book that has information about the real reason we are in Iraq. And, how the election will, again be stolen. But, I still believe that WE the People can prevail if we stand together. More to follow...

Is it true?
The Bush family will do anything to rule? Even having a son marry a Mexican. Grooming the offspring, "P" to be the next Bush to run for the office of President. Could this likely be the reason the illegal aliens from Mexico are being allowed to continue crossing the border? Could it be that the Hispanic vote has been sought and planned for decades? And, BTW: my thoughts are that an illegal invasion is an act of war.  Consider that the illegals and even the legal Mexicans will for now accept being seen as second class citizens. Willing to accept lower wages for now. Consider when they will eventually join together and demand higher wages and to be seen as equals. Consider the numbers and how we will have service workers uniting and unionizing for better wages, benefits and safe working conditions in the service sectors. Will the service sector become as the manufacturing sector of the old days in America? Will that be the stepping the stone to the middle class? Think of Our America in a decade or two. Does the example of the Trojan Horse come to mind? OHNO what will we do when China begins demanding higher wages?

10/20/05 on this website. Posted in the chatroom during the Andrea  trial. IAndrea Yates
Since this case was in the news I've said that Yates should be in a hospital, and observed, undergoing evaluation. A sample of her blood collected and placed in a central repository where it is analyzed using a gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) machine. There should be a study funded by NIH to evaluate moms across the nations' in prenatal clinics and obstetricians' offices by collecting blood specimens within a  protocol specific timeframe; such as at baseline when present for the first visit and then at intervals of first, second, third trimester. Specimens collected during the phases of labor. Especially, during transition, and immediately following, delivery. As well as post partum. Additionally, psychological  evaluation; Global Functioning Assessment (GFA) as well as completing a questionnaire, looking at demographics, such as age, race, gravida, and para. The eating habits, and medications the mother is taking. And, looking at compliance adherence, and other physical parameters such as blood pressure, and electrolytes, hematology, liver function tests.

Looking for endpoints and the likelihood of an enzyme or chemical/metabolite which is elevated, or decreased, peaks and plateaus, of hormones, and other such variables.

The goal; to find a means to prevent these mothers from getting to the point in their PPD post partum psychosis where they kill their children.

Another area I would find interesting to pursue is the fact that so many mothers use water in the method of killing their kids.

12/04 Troops question to Rumsfeld about armored Humvees and adequate combat equipment

The question came from a reporter, had the reporter asked the question, s/he would have suffered the "Helen Thomas Syndrome". Had a soldier asked that question on his own, he would suffer ramifications.

What I noticed is that Rumseld asked the soldier to repeat the question and commented on how he was old and his mind was going. Now on that I can agree. However, it seemed to me the request to repeat could be for effect. The effect being to come to WE the People in the future and ask for more money.

Something else to consider is how Rumsfeld sidestepped the question, with ;  "Army you want vs Army you actually have." A woman carries and delivers a baby in nine months, which is less time than the White House had to prepare for this war, Additionally, who is making the equipment and responsible for delivering?

During WW2 Rosie the Riveter worked with the American people to produce equipment needed for our troops. Today we have American and foreign companies being paid billions of our tax dollars to assure that America has the best equipped military in the world.

Most all men are aware of the phrase, "Right tool, for the right job!"

And, many people seem to have overlooked how, 123,000 troops enthusiastically cheered the question!

Now, lets see if the White House and the American people really do support our troops.

11/04 Missing Explosives/bin Laden tape

The weapons were in Iraq when the USA invaded. This is another example of Bush team failure, incompetence or complicity.

A bin Laden videotape shows up. A tape that seems meant for release during the third anniversary of 9-11.

However, this tape like all bin Laden tapes seems to have curious timing with the veracity suspect.

Is it me or does bin Laden's nose seem to change in size?

In any case these events seem orchestrated on both sides.

CBS -- Dan Rather Bush documents:

The timing of the CBS fiasco, leads me to ponder if this was a maneuver by the GOP to avoid the facts of Bush's military records.

Bush military records have been on my website for almost two years.

The record shows:

GW Bush did receive preferential treatment to avoid Vietnam;

Bush did not report for duty and his physical as ordered;

Bush was suspended from flying;

Bush has documented lapses in his guard service.

However, it was indeed brilliant to produce documents with the factual information on questionable paperwork. Meant to divert from the reality that Bush did not serve stateside as claimed.

Personally, I have my doubts that Dan Rather could be so obviously duped, and the media bias leaves this scandal to be debated in the chatrooms, and on the blogosphere. Which, by the way, blogs have been infiltrated, be very careful!

When you consider how Rather is known to not be fond of GHW Bush.

When you consider how the producer, Mapes also broke the story about the prison abuse.

When you consider the head of Viacom, during a business meeting in Hong Kong stated he was a Bush supporter, since Bush policies are good for Viacom. Bush supports media consolidation. Kerry is opposed.

Could it be possible Rather being held out as the sacrificial lamb? Is Dan Rather being set as an example of what happens to the careers of those who dare report any negative news about Bush?

The question most appropriate to this news report is whether, Dan Rather would have reported the story had it been about John Kerry? I think he would.

Lest, I remind you that Bush team invaded Iraq based upon bogus documents and 'bad intel.'

And, for those of you demanding Rather's resignation, I say fine, after Rumsfeld and Cheney resign!

Janet Jackson/Super Show

First, let me go on record, stating that I find the stunt to be distasteful and tacky, but I am trying to get to the heart of the matter, how this will be used to further an agenda.

The recent FCC ruling to fine comedians, for polluting the airwaves with offensive words, coupled with this stunt seems just another ploy by the powers at be, to gag the truth.

The entertainers were advised to stage the stunt to solicit publicity and gain market share, similar to the Britney Spears and Madonna kiss. Outrageous acts gain more airtime.

Did the entertainers know they were being used? Are people aware, and who argue about the stunt. cognizant that the issue goes much deeper than the stunt.

And, while people are being distracted, discussing this issue, the continued questions about 9-11 and Iraq will go unanswered. Magazine, and ticket sales will increase, comedians will have great jokes, and people will come together to not discuss, but to joke or fight over rather nor not it was staged.

How many will discuss what the ramifications will be?

The result will be further encroachment upon our civil liberties. The media moguls continued efforts to cater to the White House to gain an even greater ownership of the airwaves than the 39% they now own. Oh and what happened to the discussion about the symbolism of the female being subjected to the violent and violation by the males, further a while male and black woman?

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