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see Two Stories, Same Side!
[Corrupt and Blackmailable] 
by Ted Lang

Consider this:

I happen to believe that not all politicians are corrupt. I believe there are individuals who go into the political arena truly hoping to make a difference and to serve the people as our great system intended.

I believe these individuals once in the system are faced with pressure from their peers and special interests groups to the point of utter frustration and disillusionment with the result being that they too are forced to go along with the agenda. Why?

Because, they have no recourse. These politicians who took an oath to serve WE the People, I believe they intended to serve our best interests -- to speak up, and protect the rights of their constituents. The result is that they are met with the retort we hear all too often; the people do not care.

OUR politicians are pressured from special interests, while being further influenced by their corrupt colleagues who encourage them to go along with the selfish agenda. Further discouraging them, pointing out the obvious, the masses are complacent and apathetic.

If WE the People do not choose to get involved -- what incentive do we provide our representatives to be ethical, and to continue to fight for OUR rights?

I am involved with Americans, and foreigners of all categories, cyber activists, including published authors, and just plain ole' folks from all walks of life.

Indirectly,  in contact with individuals who have lived in Baghdad or continue to live in the area. I am in touch with my peers, who work in Afghanistan, and who write about their experiences in my professional journals.

Some of these individuals have returned from there. To name one Mary Schoen, returning this year, to travel the country, speaking about what is happening in Baghdad.  Peggy Gish, and her husband, are two others.  The ones who remain in Afghanistan and Baghdad, and who write to us about daily happenings, using emails,  sending pictures keeping us updated.

WE concerned citizens have a mobile thread where we work to get information out to others, because we believe that people DO care and they are not stupid.

WE the People are merely kept too busy -- kept distracted and divided by race, religion, political parties, and class. WE have no time to receive our information by any other means than sound bites. Sound bites spun by our favorite news pesonality.

My goal for participating in this vast Netosphere was to learn and share. And, while doing so I hope to provide anyone and everyone the opportunity to share their views. I believe in free speech and I listen to all.

I try to avoid what I call the 'Partisan Vortex' -- debate where people duel by slinging the arrows of labels, loaded with partisan bias.

The 'Springer effect' is what I call it when the sins of one president or individual is found to be factual, and the response is to point to the greater transgressions of the other individual or the other party.

Denial is a necessary defense mechanism which serves to protect the human psyche against an awareness it's unable to incorporate.

Could it be those in denial avoid cognition and are afraid that awareness leads to an expectation to take action?

Could it be the individual fears s/he can do nothing, or are they merely afraid of the power they actually do hold?

Could it be people fear admitting they are wrong? Or is it explained as the result of operant, and classical conditioning assisted by the numbing, and lobotomizing from prescribed and illicit drugs?

The physical addictions brought about by nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine. The emotional addictions of gambling and pornography?

People are constantly exposed to the external stimuli of loud traffic -- TV and radios blaring. The sound effects from multiple car crashes, including the noise of heavy metal colliding, and the sounds of shattering glass on impact (at decibels to destroy nerve cells in the ear).

The violence depicted in our movies and video games  The relentless assault on our senses day in and day out from the machine gun rapidity of repetitive gun fire.

Added to the continued bombardment of our senses with over 250,000 negative images daily.

The daily conditioning of people who rely on the information that is readily available via TV and radio as well as a myriad of printed information in the guise of news and entertainment.

Why do you think a company will spend millions of dollars to place their 30 second TV ad during the Super Bowl?

While shopping WE the People are exposed to the colors and physical atmosphere to lure we consumers and keep us in the stores. The music from the overhead loudspeaker was chosen as a result of hours spent by focus groups to determine what sights and sounds will motivate the consumer to linger longer and  spend more money. Or as more often is the case to use credit cards pushing the consumer deeper into debt while s/he seeks to fill that 'void' that seems to exist in so many people today.

One of the father's of behaviorism, Dr. Watson went into marketing. 

The physical lay out of a supermarket is a perfect example of behaviorism where the easy-to-sell items are always above or below eye level and the hard-to-sell items at eye level and within easy reach.

The impulse items are placed in the area of the cashier/register check-out so you the consumer and your kids will be enticed to spend more of your hard earned cash to pay for the items WE have been conditioned to buy in the first place!

We are a society that has become 'Skinnered.

WE live in a society where our access to information is controlled by our government in exchange for deals made with the media conglomerates.

The conglomerates who seek to gain control over public and private airwaves thereby controlling information. Gaining this awesome power over WE the People via the FCC media deregulation efforts.

The irony being that today we have access to more news sources than any time in history -- access to literally thousands of information venues and yet we have less access to the truth.

Americans need to delve further into matters to find the truth -- We the People have been conditioned by doublespeak to the point the truth has become a foreign language.

The use of fear to control the masses will serve to hamper communication and to further promote insecurity under the guise of protection while further removing our civil liberties.

There is a major force at work here to restrict people from accessing the truth and to prevent us from interacting with one another.

Deliberate effort is exerted to misinform, incite division and to perpetuate aggression.

Think about it -- if WE the People did not have power -- the government controlled media would not go to such great efforts to keep us divided, distracted and misinformed.

The solution?

Turn off these radios and TVs where the mainstream media work in cooperation to keep We the People not only misinformed, but also promote fear, insecurity, agitation and anger.

WE have the power of numbers -- the power of choice and as consumers the power to NOT patronize the companies who do not provide the services we expect.

What I see is the people have been indoctrinated by the corporate-government to feel that it is WE who need THEM -- when in reality the opposite is true.

The power of OUR tax dollars and consumer dollars allows US to choose what we will tolerate. As workers the fruits of our labor is what drives OUR economy -- not the CEOs and their seven figure salaries.

Our inalienable rights provide us the freedoms which no president and no government has the authority to remove from WE the People.

The government works for US -- our tax dollars pay their salaries and fund their agendas. The news personalities work for US too.

If WE the People as consumers do not buy the products of the station sponsors the end result is there will be no money to pay these news puppets to lie to us.

I have personally seen what WE the People can accomplish when WE join together and take action.

On the issues of our veterans YOUR' efforts were successful in Congress agreeing to a 2004 budget compromise where not only the VA medical benefits were not cut, there was a budget increase approved.

Due to YOUR efforts again on June 19th the Senate overturned the June 2nd FCC media deregulation ruling. And, on July 17th even though there were 75 medial moguls in the House to serve as intimidation, the House also voted to overturn the FCC ruling.

For the Senate and House to do this was unprecedented!

Our success was directly due to people like YOU getting informed -- getting involved -- sending emails, faxes and making phone calls to YOUR representatives.

I personally feel the excitement and enthusiasm in OUR nation lately -- the mainstream media does not cover it, but there is a major wave of activism going on in America today.

YOU can do so so much to make a difference without leaving your chair and by exerting no more physical effort than a few clicks of your mouse.

You do not need to know the name of your representative -- all you need do is click on the link and type in your zip code or merely scroll down the list and find your state -- the link will take you directly to your representative's email.

YOU -- can make a difference by spending less than five (5) minutes of your time using my website links.

Please, join with Internet activist groups. Arm yourself with information. Use emails, message boards, blog sites, chatrooms to spread the word.

Talk to your family, neighbors, friends, co workers, write your newspaper editors and contact your representatives.

We are making history!

Be heard!

WE the People have the Power!

The people have heard doublespeak for so long that the truth has become a foreign language.

March 2003



Phrases: "The Springer Effect" coined in chatroom in 1998 -- "Partisan Vortex" coined in 2001.


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