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Evolution (adaptation) occurs at all levels of existence, in not only human life, but the so called lower animal life. The planet and the multiverses as a whole. Evolution is said to be change. The word that comes to mind is learn. To learn means to be exposed to information which results in a change in thought or behavior. To change, to adapt, to evolve, we must learn. So can it be said that it's not only 'life' that learns, but also the mountains and rocks which are shaped by the wind and rain? These objects emit vibrations, and in the realm of string theory it all seems to fit somehow.

This page will explore Darwin's theory with my objective to complement Janine's thesis. Sharing my ponderings, and information acquired from the biomedical research, and medical/clinical setting, hoping to delve into the social, economical anthropological impact at some point in time.

That there is truth to be found, is basic to science, religion, philosophy, all realms. We are all different because we are meant to be. Each of us brings our own unique contribution to the scenario -- the universe is meant to be a complementary relationship and the same lessons are conveyed from the cosmos to the cellular level.

It seems best explained by using human physiology and our Electrolytes: A normal sodium would be, 140 -- while a normal potassium level would be 4.0 -- you would not argue the former being more important merely due to its being the higher number value. As a matter of fact a potassium imbalance is more life threatening. However, what human physiology seeks is a state of Homeostasis where there exists a balance of electrolytes, because when there is an imbalance the body is "sick."

Come to think of it, with this example the lesson learned would be that it's those things which are in lesser number which are far more important in the scheme of things. So then do we need consider the idea of a democracy where the majority rules, is it something so great afterall?

Sorry, but it's not really a tangent, it's a logical thread in the thesis. It's just another example of how Darwin's theory extends like the tentacles of an octopus out into the realms of life at all levels. Which is why evolution is a concept that is essential to discuss, and to grasp -- to examine how it's used to condition how we think, and behave as not only a species, but also as individuals, and group dynamics.

This link, Evolution: Glossary provides a table of definitions to enhance understanding of terms.Will also, be discussing, Genotype and Phenotype while attempting to tie in our recent Stem Cells discussion. Cytogenetics Image Gallery  DNA Interactive

Hoping to segue via the TomV reference "Frankenstein" science into the realm of Chimerism. Hoping to demonstrate how human immunology plays a major role in evolution which is often not addressed. And, for those so inclined to delve even deeper into the role of Apoptosis (programmed cell death)

I find it an exciting endeavor for people to explore how Darwin's theory of Evolution, and its distortion if not purposeful manipulation of his theories has influenced not only humans' behaviors, and physical appearance, but also, the development of social, moral and economic evolution. As well as, discussing how Darwin's theory impacts on the current global environment.

You may prefer to join us, and read along while not actively participating in the discussion. We invite you to share the information with others.

It's your choice!

More to follow 


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