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Thank you for stopping by.

Please, read the information on this page and use the links to learn more about the most highly respected metaphysical group in our Netosphere, Angel's Play.

Check out their website and read about all the wonderful things they have to offer.

Take advantage of their free services, sign up for their newsletter, take a class or visit one of their scheduled chat sessions.

Mission Statement

Angels' Play is a metaphysical and spiritual counseling service dedicated to promoting the principles and values of joyful living.

Our goal is to enlighten, entertain and empower others through
education, understanding and awareness.

In partnership with Divine Guidance, we are a Bridge of Experience that spans the gap between Belief and Knowing.

By realizing our grandest vision of Who We Are, we inspire others to be the greatest version of Who They Are.

Our mission is to be a celebration of healing for body, mind and spirit.

Welcome Home!

"HaloEyes" by Jan Schumacher/APIndriel
(c) APIndriel

Angels' Play - The Empowerment Network


What is Angels' Play

Angels' Play consists of a highly professional and dedicated staff with the ability to work in both general and specialized areas depending on the need.

Each Angels' Play staff member providing these services has already demonstrated their capabilities as competent professionals within a variety of cyber communities

The current metaphysical knowledge base of Angels' Play combines well over a hundred years of experience in this field.

In addition, several of our staff members are published authors. Many have conducted workshops and/or teach classes in their own communities.

Our professional staff at Angels' Play is prepared to offer the online client  the best quality service available.

We at Angels' Play feel the number of people that we can attract is unlimited.

With our dedicated staff and the number of specialized areas covered, we know we can offer something for everyone interested in metaphysics.

We strive to keep a balance between areas free to the public and areas where a fee will be charged for individual or class experiences.

Angel Tale Oracle - Angel's Play

Astrology - Angel's Play

Night Visions - A Place to Dream - Angel's Play

Healing with the Fairies - Angel's Play

Virtual Fortune Cookie - Angel's Play

 Horoscope -Angel's Play

Learning Center - Angel's Play

The Earth Angel Fund - Angel's Play

 Live your dream!

 Dream it - Imagine it - Say it - Be it

 Have a dream

 Go through the days with the image in your mind

 Say it out loud three times

 Each time speak it more forceful than the one past

 Let it go out into the universe

 Allow it to come back to you

 To live it and BE IT at last!


Welcome Home Cyber Angels!

Join us in our celebration of healing and rejuvenation of body, mind and spirit.

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