Into the vortex

What Maimonides told his kin
means death for everyone else

We are riding on a railroad
Singing someone else's song.
Forever standing at that crossroads:
Pick a side and step along.
— James Taylor

It was the voice of an angel, softly rising above the construction-site
clatter of the world.

She had the most comfortable, most familiar face you could ever imagine.

In your haste, you had forgotten the message etched in your heart so
long ago.

In a world drowning in white noise and extra-dimensional manipulative
conundrums, her voice bathed you like warm rain on a cold day.

"It doesn't matter what you say," she said, "it matters what you do."

• • •

" . . . A gentile ... is liable for the death penalty  . . . if he has
invented a religious holiday for himself."
—Maimonides, the most famous Jewish philosopher

Into the vortex. The United States of America is about to be plunged
into a race war on our soil that will reduce us to wandering beggars on
the scale of Haiti. A recent Harvard study predicts 55 million new
homes will be built in the coming decades ... in Mexico.

This plan was all recounted some years back by Jackie Patru
<>and Carol Valentine
<>, two stalwarts in the fight
against the 360-degree avalanche of Jewish control of the world, and
every person in it.

The plan in a nut shell — as the Jews themselves tell it — is to
exterminate non-Jews who refuse to embrace the Torah and enslave the
survivors who will be saved out to serve the "master race", as they
call themselves.

"And now, since the advent of the 9-11 war, the would-be  leaders of
this theocracy are stronger than ever. Little stands between them and
the realization of their plans. This may sound incredible, but it is as
real as the ground beneath your feet and as serious as a heart attack.
I can document everything I have said.

Listening to Rev. James Wickstrom on the Hal Turner show (10/3/07) ...
if Jewish control of the U.S. continues to intensify on the hyperbolic
curve that it has manifested over the past 100 years, Christians and
other non-Jews are scheduled to be ritually beheaded in America within
two decades so Mexicans can buy our homes at greatly reduced prices.
Sound fantastic? Remember the beheading of Nick Berg? Since the
rabbinical Noahide laws in the U.S. have been in force since 1993
(approved by Congress and signed by Poppy Bush), this is the new law of
the land, and most Americans don't even know it. See
<> and

If you are a white American, chances are excellent that you are going
to be either enslaved, imprisoned or killed by Jews in the next two

Who do you think is doing the killing now? Powerful Jews control all
the money in the world, and all the weapons as well. And all the
newspapers, all the schools, all the doctors, all the lawyers, all the
movie studios .... how much do you need to learn to break out of it.
And can it be broken out of?

Valentine, quoted by Patru, goes on.

"The would-be theocratic leaders that Congress and our presidents have
been promoting are members of a sect called Chabad Lubavitch,
headquartered in Brooklyn, New York .... Lubavitchers are a subset of
the Hasidic (sometimes spelled 'Chasidic') Jews. Doctrinally, Hasidic
Jews rely on the Talmud, on the Zohar (the basic book of kabbalah or
'cabalah'), and on the Tanya (or  'Hatanya') written by the founder of
the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics, Rabbi Shneur Zalman.

"Some consider the Zohar the basic book of magic in Judaism, but in
fact the Talmud itself focuses heavily on sorcery, demonology,
astrology, necromancy, etc., giving credit to even earlier Jewish

"The Chabad Lubavitchers also rely on the works of renowned Jewish
teachers such as Maimonides. Of course they rely on the Torah; but note
that the word 'Torah', in Jewish religious discourse, is somewhat
elastic; it can denote (1) the Pentateuch (the first five books of the
Old Testament), (2) the Old Testament in its entirety, (3) the Old
Testament in its entirety, and the Talmud, and (4) the entire body of
Jewish religious literature.

"Reviewing the above, we can see that, doctrinally, Lubavitchers are
not an aberration within Judaism. They are as much part of Judaism as
the Dominicans are part of the Roman Catholic Church. It would  be
misleading to call the Lubavitch movement a 'cult' as some have done,
without so naming mainstream Orthodox Judaism.

Some of the most powerful men in America are Lubavitchers, notably Paul
Wolfowitz and Dov Zakheim (chief architects of the 9/11 caper) and Sen.
Senator Joe Lieberman, former candidate for VP.

At the time, Mrs. Lieberman was quoted as saying how she never dreamed
a "naturalized American citizen" could go so far politically. Valentine

“It was mentioned that as a 'naturalized citizen' he would be exempt
from running for office of president. Of course, that matters not to
the ruling elite, for they make up the rules as they go along,
changing, rearranging, and ignoring the 'law'.

The Jewish Virtual Library tells a similarly frightening story:
"More than 3,700 emissary couples work in more than 100 countries
worldwide. Since 1995, more than 400 shlichim (emissaries) were
assigned to new posts and more than 500 new Chabad institution [sic]
have been established, bringing the total to nearly 2,600 institutions 
(seminaries, day camps, schools, etc) worldwide. According to
headquarters, almost one million children participates [sic] in Chabad
activities worldwide in 1999."

The report at this point details the slaughter of 29 Muslims who were
praying at a Mosque in Hebron in 1994. The killer was Baruch Goldstein,
who -- according to a Jewish Week memorial article the following year
(2-24-95) — massacred them on Purim Eve. It also declared that:
"His [Goldstein's] family ancestry, through his mother,  went back
eight generations to the Baal Hatanya founder of the Lubavitch

Lubavitchers don't want to convert non-Jews to Judaism — they want Jews
to understand they are a class apart from everyone else, Valentine

"In a letter he wrote in 1964, the cult’s icon Rabbi Schneerson
deplored  intermarriage of Jews with non-Jews, calling it 'spiritual
cremation', and  called the concepts of freedom, equality, and
integration 'misconceived ideals'.

"This is particularly amusing, inasmuch as the Jews led the movement to
forcibly integrate the South which resulted in the 1964 Civil Rights
Act. The Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism tells us that: "Why
Torah obligates all Jews in this campaign:

"A gentile . . . is liable for the death penalty .  . . if he has
invented a religious holiday for himself . . . The general principle is
we do not allow them to make new religious rituals and to make 
'mitzvahs' ['commandment'; sometimes 'good deed or blessing] for
themselves  by their own devices . . . if he does make some new
'mitzvah,' we lash him, punish him, and inform him that he is obligated
[sic] with the death penalty  for this." (Rambam Mishne Torah--Hilchose
Melachim 10:9)

"So Christians or non-Christian Gentiles, according to the 'Rambam
Mishne Torah' should be lashed, punished, and put to death if they
insist on following their own religious practices, including
celebration of non Jewish religious holidays, such as Christmas.

"What is the Rambam Mishne Torah? The Rambam is none other than
Maimonides, the well-known Sephardic Jewish writer who lived in Spain
between 1135 and 1204 AD, one of the great fathers of Judaic thought; 
the Mishne Torah is one of his best known works. See the 'Sephardic
Sages'  webpage at:

So take a look at your future, gentle goyim.

Excuse me, but would someone file a lawsuit that Judaism is not a
religion; therefore, they can't claim religious persecution.

Judaism is not a religion, it's a crime scheme.

And this, second hand, from Alan Watt: Are the Ashkenazi Mongol Jews
direct descendants of a Reptilian super race from Atlantis? At least
that's not as farfetched as saying they're extraterrestrial. But they
do seem to have some advantage, seeing as our Jewish controllers now
control every aspect of our lives: media, government, money, medicine,
education, music, and on and on. And they’re about to kill us all.

Hey baby. We are bacon frying in the pan — goyim bacon, that is.


The latest news from Iraq, courtesy of

AMSI Net sources indicated that total cleansing is being done now in
Rasafa VI detention located in the headquarters of so-called "wolf
brigade" formerly near the Oil Ministry.

AMSI Net Special - Prisoners were on hunger strike because of the
arrival of security forces and the imaginary pretext of taking
prisoners to court, but they kill and throwing their corpses.

They took the martyr (Ghazwan Khalid Ghazal) from the area (Hour Rajab)
on the pretext of taking him to the court after they had been detained,
killed him and threw his body. When his family came to visit today to
find His body that was found later.

The sources said the detainees on hunger strike say it is good to die
from starvation rather than to die on the hand of sectarian militias.

On the morning of 11 June 2007 during visiting relatives of the
detainees women are treated with complete ferocity and subjected to
gunfire over their heads and doused with pepper gas causing severe pain
in the eyes and the following severe pain.

The sources pointed out that the detainees seeking to inform national
organizations and human rights associations as soon as possible because
time is not on their side and they fear being taken and killed the
pretext of taking them to the court.



Perhaps the greatest scam of all — among many legit nominees — was the
one that made Russia the enemy of the United States. It was Russia's
sure commitment to Abraham Lincoln that actually won the Civil War for
the United States and kept the Union together, after a two-pronged
Rothschild power play got Britain and most other European countries to
back the South in order to diminish the commercial power of the
skyrocketing U.S. economy. Ten years later, in the event everybody
forgets, Jewish bankers abrogated the U.S. Constitution in 1871 with
the creation of the District of Columbia and the corporatizing of the
USA. This action set the stage for numerous stock market crashes until
1913, when the Federal Reserve Act effectively took half the profits of
all Americans.

Prior to the Bolshevik revolution, Russia was America's surest ally,
not a fair weather friend like Britain, France and other European
countries who were always ready to profit from our misfortune. Small
wonder, then, that Russia was the first major country taken down by the
worldwide Jewish revolution, with key players and lots of cash shipped
in from New York, and an entrenched media apparatus that made it all
look like a revolution of Russians when in reality it was a foreign
coup d'etat bought and paid for by the money machine that from then til
now still controls the world's stage.

When Czar Alexander ordered his fleets to the key ports of New York and
San Francisco in 1864, Lincoln and the Union were on the ropes, our
ports were vulnerable, and European troops were in Mexico ready to
invade. This is arguably the biggest favor any other nation has ever
done for the USA. But the bankers who have run things for hundreds of
years turned Russia into our biggest enemy.

Can we see how the power of Jewish media has changed our lives, and not
for the good? How we have been shaped to believe in these mythological
precepts that have been foisted upon us, that are clearly not in our
best interests?

Most people live and die and never give these things much thought. They
don't realize things get twisted for a purpose. And the purpose is
robbery, murder and slavery.


I always liked to think I was ahead of everybody else in understanding
what was going on in the world (which is what enabled me to see the
3,000-year history of the tribe with its hands wrapped around our

So, in a way, my sinking beneath the floor of recognizability on the
Internet, is again kind of a harbinger of what is about to happen to
many of you in the coming months and years. It certainly was what has
happened to many sincere souls, from Irwin Schiff and Dick Simkanin to
Rudyard Kipling and Henry Ford. The message is clearly sent to the
populace. Challenge the powers that be and you will not prosper. You
have to go along to get along.

Crushed beneath the wheel of what they say is true.

We die with this question upon our lips: "Is it important that what you
have said is not true, but merely an excuse to rob us?" That, in fact,
is what the entire rest of the world is asking the United States,
Britain and Israel, that terrible capitalist triumvirate now
deliberately making wars and killing people. The jig is up. The story
is out. The Western powers are killing people for money. Your question,
Bucko, is what will you do when they come for you?


Throughout history, the purpose of the human struggle has been for
intellectual honesty and the chance to live a forthright life without
being somebody else's slave.

What has happened to me will one day soon happen to you. And what has
happened to them will one day soon happen to us.

I’m not a Christian, but I think I’ll start wearing a crucifix. Why? To
ward off the vampires.

John Kaminski is the author of America’s Autopsy Report, The Day
America Died and The Perfect Enemy. His Internet essays have been seen
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