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Gold Star Families for Peace



Families who have experienced the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq.

Military Families Speak Out



Those with family members and loved ones in the military.

Gold Star Families Speak Out



Those with family members whose loved ones died in the military.

Iraq Veterans Against the War



Military veterans who question the claims for this war.





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Earth Songs
By Jan Barry





Deaths in Iraq War



US Deaths in the Iraq War

They shall grow not old,
as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them,
nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning
We will remember them.

--Laurence Binyon

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Big and small things, all important, that you can do, that we can do, to make a difference.


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Chickenhawk Database



In their youth Chickenhawks were extremely skillful at evading the military, while today they are fervent advocates for war.


There has always been a higher percentage of veterans in Congress than in society as a whole, but not today.




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Support the Troops, Oppose the Policy




Lowery Urges War Protesters To Keep The Faith
The Associated Press


"Easter is the heart and soul of the faith; it is the central theme of creation," Lowery told the crowd of about 150. "It is the promise that right is mightier than wrong, that light will overcome darkness, that love is more powerful than hate."


Soldiers Families Go On Attack
By Severin Carrell

Relatives of soldiers serving in Iraq are to march on No 10 for the first time, in protest against the war


Behind The Military Revolt
By Richard Holbrooke

First, it is clear that the retired generals surely are speaking for many of their former colleagues, friends and subordinates who are still inside.



What We Have Going On Amidst the Generals -- Present and Former -- is a Mutiny
A BuzzFlash Editorial

What we are seeing in the United States is a public rebuke of the commander-in-chief, his vice president and his secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld, without an active military revolt as of yet -- although that can't be ruled out.


Statement of Purpose

Veterans Against Iraq War is a coalition of American veterans who support our troops but oppose war with Iraq or any other nation that does not pose a clear and present danger to our people and nation.

Until and unless the current U.S. Administration provides evidence which clearly demonstrates that Iraq or any other nation poses a clear, direct and immediate danger to our country, we oppose all of this Administration's pre-emptive and unilateral military activities in Iraq. Furthermore, we cannot support any war that is initiated without a formal Declaration of War by Congress, as our Constitution requires.

Although we detested the dictatorial policies of Saddam Hussein and sympathized with the tragic plight of the Iraqi people, we opposed unilateral and pre-emptive U.S. military intervention on the grounds that it established a dangerous precedent in the conduct of international affairs, that it could easily lead to an increase of violent regional instability and the spread of much wider conflicts, that it places needless and unacceptable financial burdens on the American people, that it diverts us from addressing critical domestic priorities, and that it distracts us from our goals of tracking down and destroying international terrorists and their lairs.

Furthermore, we do not believe that the American military can or should be used as the police force of the world by any administration, Republican or Democrat. Consequently, we believe that the lives and well being of our nation's soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines should not be squandered or sacrificed for causes other than in the direct defense of our people and nation.

Finally, we believe that a doctrine of pre-emptive and unilateral U.S. military attack on Iraq or any other nation is illegal, unnecessary, counter-productive and presents a truly dire and distressing threat to our vital international interests and basic national security. As military veterans, we have a unique understanding of war and know the many hidden truths that lie behind war's easy theories and promises, as well as behind the tragic consequences that even, "victory" brings. We therefore call on all like-minded veterans and family members to endorse this statement and support us in our efforts to help avert, mitigate or stop a national tragedy and an international calamity.

We ask that you support our troops, by demanding that they be brought home from Iraq immediately. We ask that you support our nation's vital interests, by demanding that our troops should never be placed in harm's way except to meet and defeat any direct and immediate threat to our people.



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News and Views


I've Lost Part Of My Son
News " President Bush says we will be in Iraq beyond his presidency."
By Elizabeth Dawson
Dallas Morning News, March 26, 2006


Lowery Urges War Protesters To Keep The Faith
News "Speaking at a sunrise interfaith Easter Sunday service, the Rev. Joseph Lowery urged war protesters camping near President Bush's ranch to keep working for peace."
The Associated Press
April 16, 2006


Soldiers Families Go On Attack
News "Relatives of soldiers serving in Iraq are to march on No 10 for the first time, in protest against the war."
By Severin Carrell
Independent, April 16, 2006


Behind The Military Revolt
News "The calls by a growing number of recently retired generals for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld have created the most serious public confrontation between the military and an administration since President Harry S. Truman fired Gen. Douglas MacArthur in 1951."
By Richard Holbrooke
Washington Post, April 16, 2006


What We Have Going On Amidst the Generals -- Present and Former -- is a Mutiny
News "What we have going on amidst the generals, present and former, is a mutiny. It's not an armed one, not yet."
A BuzzFlash Editorial
BuzzFlash, April 16, 2006


RAF Doctor: I Had No Choice But To Refuse Iraq Duty
News "A Royal Air Force doctor who refused to be sent to Iraq after arguing that the conflict was illegal today pleaded not guilty to five charges of failing to comply with orders at a court martial."
The Guardian
April 11, 2006


Vets Get Aid To Shake War
News "A cornerstone of the treatment is the recognition that while these veterans share experiences familiar to anyone who has seen combat, their war was different."
The Associated Press
April 10, 2006


War's Emotional Toll
News "Military trying to help soldiers by reaching out to their families."
By Melissa Nelson
The Associated Press, April 6, 2006


Peace Push To Go On Road
News "Charles `Buddy' Georgia has founded Push for Peace and is planning a cross-country odyssey."
By Andy Porter
Union-Bulletin, April 6, 2006


'Losing Our Country' - Baghdad Blogger
News "Three years after US forces symbolically toppled a statue of Saddam Hussein in the Iraqi capital, 'Baghdad blogger' Salam Pax says things look bleaker than ever for his country."
April 10, 2006


Lung Cancer Epidemic From DU Has Begun In U.S.
News "In the year 2005 there were 175,000 new cases of lung cancer in the United States. The months of January and February of 2006 have already yielded 172,000 new cases of lung cancer in our nation. What has lead to this shocking new development?"
By Dr. James Howenstine, MD.
NewsWithView, April 6, 2006


Uranium’s Effect On DNA Established
News "The impacts of radioactive uranium contamination on human DNA."
Global Research
April 10, 2006


Iraq Mess Is Literally Making People Sick
News "Of the more than 670,000 troops deployed to the Gulf in 1991, about one-third of them now receive disability compensation.Remember your mother's warning, 'If you can't clean up after yourself, don't make the mess?' Didn't we subject our children to that mantra?"
By Judy Leurquin
Common Dreams, April 10, 2006


News "George Bush is obviously out of control and he and the neocons need to be stopped. We will make Camp Casey, Easter, next week all about not invading Iran."
By Cindy Sheehan
After Downing Street Memo, April 10, 2006


A War Resistor's Plea To IBC
News "My name is Pablo Paredes, I am the only Navy public War Resistor thus far in the criminal acts being perpetrated against the people of Iraq."
By Pablo Paredes
Media Lens Message Board, April 10, 2006


Canandaigua VA To Research PTSD
News "The federal government is giving the Canandaigua VA new missions, including research on the most effective treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)."
By Kyle Clark
13WHAM-TV, NY, April 9, 2006


Bill Seeks Funds For Homeless Veterans
News "Although the state estimates there are 7,000 to 8,000 homeless veterans in New Jersey, Veterans Haven has just 54 beds."
By Tim Zatzariny Jr.
Courier-Post, April 9, 2006


Third Retired General Wants Rumsfeld Out
News "The three-star Marine Corps general who was the military's top operations officer before the invasion of Iraq expressed regret, in an essay published Sunday, that he did not more energetically question those who had ordered the nation to war. He also urged active-duty officers to speak out now if they had doubts about the war."
By Thom Shanker
New York Times, April 10, 2006


Interview: Iraqi Blogger Riverbend
News "When Iraqi blogger Riverbend, 26, checked her email account on March 28, she was surprised to find about 800 messages congratulating her for being nominated as a finalist for the Samuel Johnson Prize for contemporary non-fiction."
By Firas Al-Atraqchi
Aljazeera, April 6, 2006


The Anti-War Movement?
News "Being a so-called anti-war movement leader (at least to the MSM), brings much responsibility and so much love for the people and the groups who are working hard to end this insane occupation, but is this enough?"
By Cindy Sheehan
Information Clearing House, April 7 2006


'The War Is Illegal. I Can't Pay For A Government Killing Machine'
News "A man has vowed to go to prison rather than pay taxes which he believes would fund a 'blatantly illegal war' in Iraq."
By Genevičve Roberts
Independent, April 6, 2006


Iraq Three Years On: Don't Look Away
News "Three years after the toppling of Saddam, Iraq is a bloody mess. Yesterday 70 people were killed in an attack on a Baghdad mosque. Reports on three years of broken promises in a blighted land."
By Patrick Cockburn
Independent, April 8, 2006


Hawaii Legislature Works To End War
By David Swanson
OpEd News, April 8, 2006


U.S. Military Has New Online Mental Health Resource
News "U.S. military personnel and their families now have a free, anonymous Web-based mental health and alcohol self-assessment program."
April 03, 2006


D.C. Judge Gives Protesters "Time Served" For Disrupting Congressional Hearing On Iraq War Funding
News "A District of Columbia Superior Court Judge this morning sentenced two anti-war activists to “time served” for disrupting a March 8 meeting of the House Appropriations Committee as it considered an additional $67,000,000 for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Voice For Creative Nonviolence
March 28, 2006


Wrong on Iraq? Not Everyone
News "Four in the mainstream media who got it right."
By Steve Rendall
Fair, April 3, 2006


To The Person Who Didn’t Sign Their Letter
News "By flying our flag upside down in no way shows disrespect for our country. Flying the flag upside down is a sign of distress as stated in the United States Code of Flag Rules and Regulation. But I understand your concern, I too would have been upset not more than a year ago, until I was plunged into the darkness of reality of what is truly happening."
By Terri Jones
VAIW, April 2, 2006


Town Hall Meeting On Iraq
News "Usually, politicians are very interested in what the public thinks about top issues. But in the case of the Iraq war, it appears to be a different story."
By Bruce Gagnon
Times Record Letters, March 31, 2006


Iraqi Doctor Moves South Carolina Audience
News "An Iraqi doctor, Rashad Zidan, gave a powerful and thought-provoking presentation on the war in her country to a meeting of the American Association of University Women in this small college town on March 23."
By David Dixon
World Workers News, April 2, 2006


General Zinni And Meet The Press
News "MR. RUSSERT: Coming next, the former commander of U.S. Central Command who warned against going into Iraq. General Tony Zinni is here with his new book, “The Battle for Peace,” right here on MEET THE PRESS."
Meet The Press
NBC, April 2, 2006


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