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Janine, one of our News chatroom 'regs' (who teaches biology) has shared her thesis on the subject of Evolution, providing basic information hoping to initiate a discussion which will evolve  accordingly -- a place where you as chatters and Internet visitors may participate at the level of your choosing.

Please, use the links in the left hand column of this webpage to read Janine's submissions, in parts I and II, and keep checking back, for updates and new information.

And, please, join in the discussion by contacting her janine9939@aol.com. My goal is to eventually, have a chatroom blog, where all visitors can comment on a topic, create a new topic, or comment on the feedback.

We sincerely invite your feedback, and we both encourage you to share your thoughts, including any comments or suggestions about the webpages, and/or technical problems.

Thank you for your patience, while graphics and sources are being added as time permits.

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