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This page was last updated 07/16/09


3D animated rotating molecular structure cocaine                                                                       3D animated rotating molecular structure ritalin

Cocaine                                                                                                  Ritalin

Thank you for stopping by.

Before we begin, I would like to pose two questions.

1-How many kids have died from ADD/ADHD?

2-How many kids have died from the use of Ritalin and other mind altering, behavior modification drugs? (see answers below)

Need I remind you the oath of a physician and nurse is, "First do no harm?"

In biomedical research you ask the question, "Do the benefits outweigh the risks?"

To begin:

When the school shootings occurred, I began doing some research. It seemed to me illogical the two variables, kids and guns have been around for centuries, yet these shootings were a relatively new phenomenon.

I began tracking the time frame of these events, looking at the variables.

My goal: to identify the onset of incidence and/or, if any, newly introduced variables.

Looking over the past two decades prior to the increased incidence of school shootings kids, guns, illicit drugs, prescribed drugs, violence, drop out rates, bullying.

Looking at the objective and measurable data, the increased incidence of violence and school shootings coincided with the newly introduced variable, prescribed behavior modification drugs.

The data supported not only a statistically significant increase in the use of Schedule II narcotics, mind altering, central nervous system stimulant drugs, such as Ritalin, but also the mushrooming increase in the diagnosis of AD/ADHD.

The variable which was found to be the most consistent in terms of longevity increased incidence, and increasing in severity -- was bullying.

The peers who go along with bullying in order to be accepted or to avoid being the brunt of the teases and taunts, are less responsible than the teachers and adults whose attitude is, 'kids will be kids.'

Such an attitude serves to enable the behavior. I have been quite dismayed by the bullying I see in our adult population. More and more adults are ridiculing and insulting those who have a view different than their own.

Manners and courtesy seem all but extinct among adults and kids learn from example.

The links on this page for your perusal have been submitted by parents, professionals, including peer reviewed articles supporting, not only the correlation between school shootings and behavior modification drugs, but also the issue of the increased incidence of the diagnosis ADD/ADHD.

It is not my intent to endorse a prescribed therapy or to offer professional advice. However, my opinion is that each child should first undergo a nutrition evaluation, especially looking at the sugar intake. Assessing, the family dynamic while including the family in the evaluation, and intervention phases.

There is data to support how there is a small percentage of kids who benefit from the use of these mind altering behavior modification drugs.

These kids respond to the drug/chemical via what is considered in pharmacology as an, 'idiosyncratic' response. Meaning the response is not typical, not what you would see in the general population.

Additionally, these drugs had never been tested or studied for safety and efficacy, before such widespread use in our kids. Why do we allow this?

Teachers were given a tool called the 'Conner scale,' a check list of behaviors to identify kids who exhibited behaviors of AD/HD.
Types of assessments used in schools

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Rating Scales

The kids identified have their parents invited to a consultation with the school counselors, and/or other staff. The result is a referral for an evaluation, and of course, the school has a list of professionals for referral.

There is overwhelming data to support the majority of kids on Ritalin are not evaluated thoroughly.

The kids and families as a whole do not participate in the outpatient therapies which are essential to address the family dynamic and its impact on these behaviors.

There are no pre drug screening evaluations where dietary habits are evaluated, nor is there follow up related to diet and nutrition.

This is a phenomenon seen nowhere else on earth. The USA consumes five times more Ritalin than all the rest of the world combined. The USA uses over 90% of the world Ritalin market.

We have kids who have received inoculations of chemical and biological agents in the form of mandated vaccines that are known to irritate their developing central nervous systems.

These same kids exist in an environment of loud noises from every day life, including blaring music along with being exposed to over 250,000 negative images daily.

Add to the mix exposure to violence, fiery explosions, rapid gun fire, smashing glass, car crashes on TV, in movies, and in video games.

Combine these external stimuli with the high incidence of poor nutrition, the kids' growing bodies filled with artificial preservatives, sugar, caffeine, and many, if not most, being sleep deprived.

Is it any wonder our kids at the very least are suffering from hyperactivity, depression, lack of concentration and any number of maladies to the extreme of neurological deficits and/or autism?

We bombard our kids with images of violence, noise and confusion, then we expect them to not fidge. We actually expect them to sit still!

We have parents blaming teachers, teachers blaming parents, and society blaming both. Yet, I have to ask, while everyone is busy blaming, who is protecting our kids?

There are documented cases of situations where parents refused to give their kids these drugs and the result was to be reported to social services. There have been actual cases where the child was removed from the home and the parents charged with child abuse!

There are several class action law suits against CHADD, Novartis and APA related to fraud, and the purposeful intent to saturate the market with the drug -- thereby making billions of dollars for those involved.

The organization CHADD receives money from the pharmaceutical companies, which causes me concern related to conflict of interest. This is highly unethical.

In 1998 at the National Institutes of Health Consensus on ADHD, the following statement was issued:
"We do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD, and there is no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction."

There are ongoing studies where they are using Ritalin in 2-4 year old children.

Not to mention that a statistic for the year 2004, states that we now have 11 million kids on antidepressants.

Chemicals and more chemicals, when do we just say NO?

The pharmaceutical cartel is conditioning the future consumers and workers of the world.

PLEASE, Protect our children!

"A chemical lobotomy enhances indoctrination!"

Warning! The front group CHADD has made it very clear with their negative press release that they are apposed to parents and children having a choice in regards to using dangerous psycho stimulate drugs. If it wasn’t for the subjective diagnosis ADHD and the lethal drugs that go with the diagnosis, CHADD would not be receiving large amounts of cash from drug companies and they would not exist........ If you are a parent and would like to know the truth please get your information from honest people that are not getting paid to spread pro drug propaganda.......... If you look over the history of CHADD’s work in legislation you will soon find that their actions prove they want to keep ADHD and the drugging of children on going. Why??? MONEY! and are not influenced by money. We are influence by the harm and deaths of children caused from these DRUGS...

Ritalin/Aspartame Chromosome Damage

Exposing the Fraud of ADD and ADHD

ADD and ADHD Fraud video

ADD and ADHD Fraud

Death From Ritalin The Truth Behind ADHD
Information from parents

Methylphenidate (Ritalin)


Peter R. Breggin and Psychiatric Drug Facts

Dr. Breggin is considered THE expert on Ritalin and his site provides information with peer reviewed articles. He testified before the Senate about the affects of Ritalin. He is the author of several books about Ritalin. I encourage all parents and teachers to read his information.

Testimony of Dr. Peter Breggin
~ Ritalin Expert

The Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology

NY Post Prompts Cong Hearings re: Children prescribed Ritalin

NIMH director blames HMOs for ADHD-Ritalin problem_NYPost

Ritalin and Law

ADHD and Medication Discussion Forum for Ritalin Able
Read message board about this issue


The Ritalin Racketeers and Their Chemical Lobotomies – Part I

Read what the CCHR says about the diagnosis of ADD/ADHD

CQ, Vol. 29, #4: Ritalin on Trial

Guardian Unlimited Observer | Focus | Ritalin

Illinois - Chicago Illinois -  Iowa - Missouri - Wisconsin

Ritalin In The News

Prozac & Psy Drugs: an Interview with Peter Breggin

Prozac Truth. School shootings

Prozac Possible 'Link' to Brain Tumors 4/13/02

Antidepressants Causing Suicides in Kids 2/21/04

Prozac Truth. Letter to Bush regarding school shootings

Prozac -  Side effects

School Shootings Linked to Psychotropic Drugs 

Colorado School Board Passes Resolution Warning About Ritalin

School Shootings in America

School Shootings Report |

Over Diagnosis of ADHD, Overuse of Ritalin, and its Causes

Luvox and the Littleton Columbine High School Shootings

RITALIN - STOP DRUGGING OUR CHILDREN - Spice Williams, The Spice of Life Column

Melvin D. Levine: One Mind at a Time
A more plausible approach to the problem of ADD/ADHD

Dr. Mel Levine on children's learning disabilities.

Appearance on Oprah

ADD & ADHD Website

e-mail enverlope animated gifComplete E-Mail Addresses for Congress, Senate, Governors & State Legislators        

My thoughts on how vaccines may affect our kids' nervous system/brains -- possibly inducing the very behaviors which require the use of a 'chemical straightjacket.'

Vaccines List
Read the list of properties in the vaccines and how they are processed.


1) zero

2) Between 1990 and 2000 there were 186 deaths from methylphenidate reported to the FDA MedWatch program, a voluntary reporting scheme, the numbers of which represent no more than 10 to 20% of the actual incidence. 


ADD / ADHD Home Page with information by Thom Hartmann

Hartman coaching

edited by Simi456



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