America teaching its children to lie, steal and kill

by John Kaminski

I met John when he was a guest on Tom Valentine's Internet program "Radio Free America." I began posting his essays on my website and have since purchased his books and continue to send his essays to my email address group.

The timing of his essay occurred when I received my notification of the 15 finalists for the Bush 30 second ads and I felt this particular ad was appropriate to John's topic.

Please, take the time to view the 30 second video since I am not sure how long it will be available. "What are we teaching our children?"

How you treat a stranger determines how you treat the ones you love.

At first you can't see the connection. After all, how many doors have you slammed in the face of some maddeningly pious Jehovah's Witness, or screamed into the phone at some gentle grandpa trying to raise money for the local fire department? Or, best example of all, how many times have you cussed out a homeless panhandler bugging you for spare change without contemplating the ragged family he may have squirreled away behind some nearby dumpster?

Most of us are too busy to care.

In the self-centered savvy of our synthetic 21st century American lives, we are taught not to realize that how we treat our enemies or in our haste, those we would categorize as superfluous to our hectic agendas has a direct and debilitating impact on those who we say are important to us. Our parochial perspectives teach others in our family how to be cruel. We are taught that some people are less deserving than others, that our way of life depends on recognizing and perpetuating these distinctions, and that's the way most of us live.

What happens when those distinctions become blurred? If we hate others on the basis of propaganda lies, how do we decide who we'll love and know the reasons are true?

Most obviously, it is beginning to dawn on many of us that the way America abuses the luckless inhabitants of less-developed lands is beginning to unmistakably resemble the way the U.S. government now roughs up its own citizens, without regard to their rights or their humanity or whatever noble motives they may have, in favor of how big their bank accounts are, and how much they'll pony up to participate in this sleazy scam of corporate conquest and bottom-line tyranny that is now sweeping the planet.

It's as if there's a colossal rush by everyone to buy their way into hell.

Consider, just for a moment, groups of Palestinian children gunned down for sport by bored Israeli storm troopers, or Afghani families bombed from the sky by hopped-up American airmen just for shooting celebratory rifle shots into the air during a festive wedding. Compare them to white-haired retirees and principled college students assaulted with truncheons and pepper spray by masked Miami police thugs just for protesting the destruction of American prosperity by rich men who give allegiance to no country.

What's the difference? We are all citizens of the world now all eligible to be jailed without trial, killed without warning by those who have deemed us excess baggage.

It's much like the way we see that vagabond on the west side of Manhattan trying to clean our windshield. Chances are good, in this raging age, that you'll have a chance to experience that as the American economy continues to be propped up by lies, as more families lose their homes and livelihoods. Then you too will see the ugliness of that temporarily affluent man inside the car, racing off to fulfill his endless commitments without seeing his own future waving that squeegee in desperate frustration receding in his rearview mirror.

But beyond the visible parallel of pauperized Americans more and more resembling gang-raped Iraqis as the herding of humans into categories and camps accelerates, there lies the truly nauseating specter of the behavior of contemporary American leaders and its poisonous effects on America's children.

Contemporary political events and the lies that are told to justify them are turning America's children into monsters without consciences willing to kill anyone for cash. Anyone!

Have you noticed the number of kids going to school dressed in military fatigues? The number of video games where the object is simply to kill without reason? Is this why we had children in the first place?

Most parents do their best in leading their children through the labyrinth of regimens and requirements to give them a decent shot at a functional and productive adulthood. But think of what that involves now.

It requires teaching a willingness to believe in the flag-waving lies our leaders tell us. What kind of adults do you suspect that will produce? You are looking at the future of America and the world, and you ought to be scared.

John, well said and the method in which you say it really hits home. However, I think that people today do care. The problem as I see it is that the vast propaganda machine is the one solely responsible for the problem. And, of course this is due to the FCC media deregulation agenda.

Parents today are forced out of necessity to have two paychecks. Additionally, many of our families consist of single moms who have an overwhelming task of juggling all that is required to raise kids today.

Parents and adults in general are forced to get their truth from their favorite news personality via sound bites. The media keeps people misinformed, divided and disillusioned. Therefore, the kids are being raised by anyone, but the parents!

Parents simply do not have the time to raise kids. Raising kids takes patience and understanding. The setting of boundaries and follow through. Today parents and citizens take the path of least resistance and it is far more expedient to either bribe, medicate or beat the kids! Hence, we have kids filled with junk food and fast food with the lack of proper nutrition. Lack of sleep and exposed to over 250,000 negative images daily. Kids whose developing nervous systems are bombarded with loud music and the violence of not only video games, but also the movies and TV exposure has become not only more violent, but also more crass. I find that the same truth holds out throughout the generations and that is to echo your sentiments how our kids learn best by example.

It requires explaining to them how it's OK that America's Secretary of State Colin Powell, one of the most respected men in the country can go before representatives of the entire world and deliver a totally fictional scenario, simply so that his bosses the men who make the weapons can obliterate an entire country and enable their companies to pull one of the greatest financial scams in history the robbery of the American people to rebuild a country that they themselves have destroyed. Amid continuing flag-waving, that plan is scheduled to be inflicted on many more countries which can't defend themselves.

It requires explaining to children why American soldiers who come home in a box are to be venerated as having done something good, as having given their lives for a noble purpose. And that requires lying to your children, and overlooking some serious lies that we told to create the situation in the first place. Because the soldiers who are dying in Iraq are dying for lies that so many Americans try to overlook. Pity those parents who give away their children's lives for lies about weapons of mass destruction.

To most of the rest of the world and especially Iraqis, it is Americans who are the terrorists.

Yes, John I agree and when you consider that over 65% of the Iraqi population is males under the age of 25 years WE are creating the future terrorists of the world!

The choice left to surviving children whose siblings have squandered their lives in a war based on lies is to support their parents and believe the lies, or go mad.

Our children learn what we teach them. For a majority of American parents, we are teaching our children to overlook the truth, that real justice doesn't really matter if there is a quick profit to be made. As American soldiers come home and become policemen, and treat us in the same way they treated Iraqis, so our children will grow up and behave in the same duplicitous, immoral way our leaders do now. Why? Because that's what we have taught them.

We also teach them these ethics with our 'reality' shows such as Survivor and Joe Millionaire. Yet, when I point this out to adults and parents the ready response is, "Well it's just a game!" These games are what is used to teach our kids.  People actually proclaim loudly that if you do not lie and backstab you do not win the money!

Hey, ain't 'reality' that thing people drink alcohol, and take drugs to avoid?

By the way - - what happened to the idea it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game?

I wonder how many parents are naming their new babies after George Walker Bush or Richard Cheney? And if any are, I wonder what kind of adults those children will turn out to be?

You can bet that no soldiers coming home in body bags will wear toe tags with the surnames of Bush, Cheney or any of the others in the White House today!

Will they be children who learn how to steal elections? How to destroy the Constitution by bribing their friends to support their lies? To drop diabolical nuclear weapons on innocent foreigners because there is a moneymaking scheme to be carried out that will make them billions of dollars? Will they be men and women who will destroy buildings in their own big cities and kill innumerable numbers of their own countrymen simply to achieve their political objectives?

And, perhaps more importantly, how will these children grown up with the lies of the present political machinery indelibly etched in their own heads treat the ones they are supposed to love? Perhaps we can see that now. Perhaps we can see, in the behavior of those who return from Iraq, how we treat the ones they love or used to.

Is this why we raised our children? To believe in lies? To give their lives for lies?

We are teaching our children that it's OK to kill large numbers of innocent people if those people have some valuable commodity that we covet. Just pick up any newspaper. Listen to your president, the man who laughs about people he is about to execute. That's what it's all about.

How we treat strangers determines how we treat the ones we love. If we abuse strangers, we can't help but abuse the ones we love. Not enough people realize this, or don't realize until they're older, after a few divorces, perhaps.

Our society already suffers from epidemic spousal abuse, the number one cause of death in pregnant women is murder! We have parents killing their kids and our kids killing their parents and other kids! Which leads me to another 30 second ad up for consideration. Wake up America!

Need proof?

Consider this snippet of conversation between that crusading Idaho dentist Len Horowitz and an interviewer about why it seems everyone in America is sick right now with a bronchial infection no one seems to be able to get rid of.

Horowitz explained: " ... in the contemporary warfare arena, where experts in biological chemical warfare convene and discuss the ways that are ideal to conduct warfare today, to really take an enemy out, you don't want to kill the people. You want to produce people who are chronically ill and become dependent on the state and totally sap the resources of the country. And then you can move in further with your military-medical-industrial complex, your international medical-pharmaceutical cartel. And then you sell these beleaguered and defeated countries all of the pharmaceuticals and chemicals that they need to maintain any semblance of healthy function."

Interviewer: "So you've got a work force that can work, but they're too tired after they finish working to .... "

"That's exactly it," Horowitz exclaimed. "They're completely depleted. They can't put together a military, you create a dependence and thereby you weaken the population, and weakened populations are easily to control. So you've got population control, and you make vast fortunes doing it, versus just blowing up a nuclear weapon and devastating the infrastructure that you own. You and your colleagues own that infrastructure. You want to get rid of the people. You don't want to get rid of infrastructure."

So much for the "why" of this bio warfare now going on that everyone's overlooking. How about for the "who" and the "how," according to Horowitz.

"What you're looking at with this upper respiratory infection is that it is a multi-factorial illness. It's associated with a variety of chemical and biological co-factors. Just like with AIDS, it's not the AIDS virus that ultimately kills, it's co-factor microbes such as the mycoplasma ...."

"What you have could be described as an ideal Russian biological cocktail. And I suppose it's called Russian biological cocktail because the Americans likely invented it. What they determined would be the best biological chemical warfare approach was a combination of chemicals and biologicals, so that it would be very difficult to diagnose and then treat the illnesses. Moreover, it would be very difficult to trace where they came from.

"If you've got, say, ethylene di-bromide coming out of the jet fuels that is causing immune suppression and weakening your immune system, and then you've got a mycoplasma microbe or a fungus that causes an upper respiratory illness, suddenly you develop a secondary bacterial infection. Now you get hit with antibiotics, and the antibiotics cause your body chemistry to go acidic, so now you get rashes and other things, your liver gets full of toxins and comes out through your skin in rashes and they get hyper allergenic reactions associated with the other chemicals.

"So all of a sudden now, you realize that you've got a human being who is completely out of balance and infected by two, three or four microbial co-factors as well as intoxicated by a variety of different chemicals."

Forgive me for correcting your spelling of 'micoplasma' the correct spelling is 'myco' since it denotes a fungus or yeast which is what 'myco' means. However, I agree that the increased illness has been put upon us as a society. As a nurse I worked in research at our medical school, and I worked with the top transplant scientists in the nation.  In the early 90s I was working with DNA by PCR method and at that time the scientists were saying HIV behaved like a lab manufactured virus. Consider how expedient to go into a third world nation to vaccinate the people against Hepatitis B and give them HIV instead, saying the cause is due to lack of sterile/aseptic conditions when being administered. Basically, admitting sloppy technique.

The nation of Africa holds great riches - think how best to get rid of the 'natives' while maintaining the pristine land. Consider how Bush appointed Randall Tobias to head the $15 billion tax dollar budget for 'Aid to Africa' and he is the ex CEO of Eli Lily! Consider Bill Gates drug monopoly with his $2 million dollar investment -- his so called philanthropy and TRIPS!

There's your human weather forecast from one of the world's foremost medical detectives.

The people being sick I believe is more due to the healthcare industry and HMOs controlling what our physicians do to treat us as patients. The medical profession truly believes it is the indiscriminate use of antibiotics by humans that has been the result of the bacteria resistance to our antibiotics.

Nowadays, a patient has a greater chance of obtaining narcotics than antibiotics. The HMOs dictate what the physicians may prescribe.

However, my years of research has convinced me the problem of bacteria resistance is actually the use of prophylactic antibiotics in the beef, pork and poultry industry. Rather than a responsible industry making sure the animals we ingest are housed and processed under clean conditions. The industry uses prophylactic antibiotics instead.

The same antibiotics in our food sets off an allergic response in people who are allergic to said antibiotic. The same people who innocently purchase their antibiotic laced foods from the major food chains. The same antibiotic to which they are allergic!

The chronic cycle is perpetuated due to the initiation of the human immune response from inflammatory cytokines. Then consider the hormones in our food which result in our immune system suffering further compromise and increasing susceptibility to illness.

I wonder how much illness we would suffer if the food industry stopped using the prophylactic antibiotics and steroids?

In the case of antibiotics, people get sick and the very drugs to help them are withheld due to the propaganda. Not to mention the affects of  mercury in our vaccines, 'chemtrails,' SARS and spraying of our cities for West Nile Virus. Which by the way is performed without prior warning or consent and no one knows what product they use when they spray!

John, they got us coming and going! And, the only way to stop them is to continue doing what you are doing. Getting the information out there to WE the People!

How are you going to teach your children about that a diabolical conspiracy devised to poison the Russians that has now been turned on the American people themselves?

Russian and Nazi techniques have been used on the American public for decades. Charlotte Iserbyt has been trying to educate parents by writing about how the United States-Soviet Education agreement began the problem with our kids being indoctrinated rather than educated. The result being that our schools have managed to be the number one problem why our kids ingest over 90% of the world Ritalin market!

And are your children, dressed stylishly in their military fatigues, going to think that's a groovy idea, very patriotic?

What the kids are wearing today is very important related to social trends. There is a social evolution theory that states that a society evolves on a 40 year cycle - that would place us in the era of the 60s which became a time of much activism. The clothing we see today with the flared, hip hugging pants, and the short tops we called 'rib ticklers.'  We wore those along with the other clothing trends from the Hippie days which are prevalent throughout society far more than the military fatigues.

Additionally, there is a major force on the Internet with activism and our college students and campuses such as Harvard where students,  who after three years gained an increase in salaries and benefits for the service workers. Florida State students who held a protest for 144 days using a 'tent city' where they were successful in having the campus administration remove for sale all sports clothing from manufactures who use sweat shop labor! 

The problem is the main stream media does not cover these events and there is a reason for that!

When we are with our families, we like to assume that everything we do and everything that they do is based on mutual love. Of course, it doesn't always work out that way, but surely that's what we'd like it to be.

We have an understanding that family comes first, that I would do anything to protect and nurture my child under any circumstances, and that my children, if I brought them up right, would feel the same way about me, as I most certainly felt about my parents.

It is an understanding most families reach. I don't know that it holds up, for those families who still support what America's leaders say and do these days, when you have to teach your children that lying, stealing other people's countries and killing large numbers of people for reasons that are lies are OK. Just the way the world works.

In which case, many of these parents could realistically expect their children to kill them for money, because that's what their country taught them. And sometimes that happens.

And after 9/11, in which America's leaders betrayed their people by complicity in an attack on their own country, followed by wars that were blamed on that phony event, the understanding of mutual protection, respect and allegiance between a nation and its people has been shattered. Honest people are very afraid of their dishonest government.

And so has the trust between fathers and sons and mothers and daughters, because some insist on believing the lies that it's OK to kill people you don't know for money, while others still trying to believe the words of holy men who urge us to love others won't accept those lies that have torn so many families apart.

The understanding that once was between those who care for each other is no longer what it was. The blame can be squarely placed on an America that has become perverted by its own power, and now threatens the lives, livelihoods and love of every person on Earth.

How long will it be, under this present trend, until we look into the eyes of our children and not know them anymore?

John, thank you for your time and thought provoking insight. I firmly believe that America's kids and adults know that something is not right, and I have faith that with people like yourself involved in spreading truth that WE the People will prevail!

Keep up the good work John!

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