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This page was last updated 07/16/09

Will the Soldiers of the Homeland save the Internet?

This essay is in response to an essay written by John Kaminski (The Law itself is broken) see link at end of page.

I have been hearing about the possibility that the Internet will be removed from WE the People, in the future and while I can understand this concern it is my premise this will not come to fruition.

The Internet supplies an eclectic variety of advantages to our society specifically, our corporate-government and its corrupt agendas.

The big Y2K scare was successful in many areas, but the most surreptitious was the use of our tax dollars to link the worlds' computers in order to allow the big banks the split second transactions needed when interest rates change.

And, think of the irony of this situation: these same big banks receive our tax dollars to pay the interest accruing on our national debt. See how brilliant they are!

Recently, with the advent of not only the 'Virtual Homeland Soldiers' but also the Internet Activists, including Common Cause and Moveon our Congress and Mr. Bush have verbalized their surprise in the numbers of emails, faxes and phone calls flooding the White House.

There is a social evolution theory which states that society evolves on a forty year cycle. That would put us in the era of the 60s, an era of activism.

History repeats itself and 'the powers that be' did not expect this backlash of activism, but then again the smug and arrogant always underestimate WE the People.

The Internet is not safe now regarding privacy. We are all aware how the Internet serves a major purpose for our government and the likes of Ashcroft and Poindexter, by providing them with the ability to monitor our web searches, emails and Instant Message conversations.

Not only that, the corporations, the insurance and pharmaceutical industries are able to establish a database of our activity under the guise of 'tracking consumerism.'

And, lest we forget the big Microsoft scandal four years ago when it was discovered how the MS Word documents were encoded to transmit back to MS and were being stored in a huge database!

Microsoft, at first denied their wrong doing  -- finally admitted the documents were coded to come back and offered a fix on their site.

This is precisely why I do not handle my household budget or any tax software on my computer. Our entire lives are in these little boxes, and by the way -- why trust a company that offers me a free fire wall or a free virus program?

Common sense dictates, there is no such thing as a 'free lunch!'

The medical information databases will allow employers and insurance companies to access citizen and patient DNA profiles and any other personal or medical information they need -- leading to a future where individuals will not be able to get a job or insurance coverage and never know why.

Think about it -- with DNA profiles on file and all the preexisting conditions!

Hospitals across the nation have gone online. Medical records are being scanned into an optical disk system; the hard copy is shredded within 24 hours of the patient's discharge. Thus, the medical staff is required to access any patient information via the computer and the Internet.

In addition, the MedLine searches performed in medical school libraries and medical centers across the nation are now linked together to share information.

The medical and pharmaceutical industries are using devices called 'Pocket Script' or 'Palm Script,' by which the physicians are sending their prescriptions to pharmacies which use the Internet. This is the result of errors occurring from illegibly written prescriptions and similar sounding names of medications.

I personally know one of the physicians who invented this concept and warned him the pharmaceutical industry would be after him and they came as predicted -- resulting in his being forced to sell out to them.

Now, consider the huge ad campaigns meant to persuade the public to pay their bills and handle virtually all of their social and business transactions using the Internet.

When you call a company you will hear a recorded greeting or a hold message promising to save you time if you log on to its website. If you are lucky enough to contact a company that actually provides you with the ability to reach a human, while you are waiting you hear the repeated warnings your call will be recorded.

They use the excuse that this is to provide quality assurance and/or to better serve you. But all the while you are being 'conditioned' to accept monitoring and the continued instillation of a police state.

There will come a time that if you call and speak to a human you will be charged a fee, and of course due to outsourcing contracts you will be connected to a foreigner whose speech you can barely decipher.

We, as a society, are becoming more and more conditioned to use the Internet, cell phones and faxes for a reason, and it is not just convenience.

Think about the anthrax scare and consider the numbers of people who decided to perform all their transactions online as a safety precaution. You may even be one of them. Yet again another brilliant ploy that was perpetuated to scare you into using online transactions.

The anthrax scare coupled with this continued effort to privatize our postal service is precisely due to that medium of communication being our last bastion of privacy.

Think about it. As it stands now there are laws protecting your letter from prying eyes. If someone opens your letter they are violating a federal law. If the authorities want to read your letter they must go through channels and do so legally. There are no such laws protecting your online communications.

Cell phones and their convenience is yet another means to monitor all of our communications and of course the profit motive notwithstanding including the medical problems which will be suffered in the future -- again the pharmaceutical connection but alas, that is another essay!

Therefore, WE the People need to create methods around the corporate-government intrusions. History has adequately demonstrated that people will always find a means to communicate.

The society in which we live has been brilliantly orchestrated by the 'powers that be' to the point that it has become economically necessary for households to create two wage-earner families.

Also included, are the many families who consist of single parents, typically moms with the burden of raising kids while holding the household together. The necessity of coordinating the time to take the kids to soccer practice or any number of activities, be they voluntary sports or mandatory activities related to school.

People do not have the time for themselves, their kids or spouse let alone the time to attend town hall meetings nor do they always have the means to hire baby sitters.

Community activism is essential and admirable -- but currently in our local government the developers across the nation are succeeding in destroying our neighborhoods, because people do not attend their own township meetings.

People just do not have the time to read and thoroughly get informed. They rely on news personalities for their truth; they rely on sound bites to deliver their information. Alarmingly, sound bites win elections!

If people do not have the time to attend meetings where their property and their taxes are being affected, they are not likely to attend town hall meetings for reasons related to the nefarious agendas of their corporate-government.

The efforts of anyone working to gather citizens to get involved locally and in their communities is indeed admirable, but it seems to me with the emerging reality of the society in which we currently live people just do not have the time. Or the desire! Apathy is as rampant and as destructive as AIDS in Africa!

WE the People are not only kept busy,  but also kept divided by, race, religion, political parties, gender and class.

The peoples' priorities are all wrong, but they have been conditioned to complacency, apathy and conditioned to hold these inappropriate priorities.

Therefore, those of us who are trying to reach the masses have to streamline our message to fit our target demographic. At this point in time the Internet is where people are seeking 'truth.'

We messengers have the responsibility to get our message across -- we cannot expect our audience to comply with our wants or needs or to do what we think is best. It just will not happen.

However, if we establish a strong network of citizens now, by using the Internet and shows like Tom Valentine's 'Radio Free America,' as well as chat rooms, our churches and any other medium currently available to us, in the event that the Internet is removed from us -- WE the People will then have the information and understanding to act!

The people have heard doublespeak for so long the truth has become a foreign language.

And, in closing, I state unequivocally that I am not giving up without a fight!

WE the People have the Power!


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