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This page was last updated 09/29/09

View the YouTube videos of testimony of computer programmer solicited to program the voting machines, to assure a Bush win!

The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which all other rights are protected. To take away that right is to reduce man to slavery.. Thomas Paine

There is no greater tangible sign of democracy, and a republic than by exercising your right to vote.  ..Pak

Will Major Media Stop Hiding Electronic Election Fraud?

Did Bush Steal 2004 Election?

Election Reform Agenda - Common Causee-mail enverlope animated gif

Contacting the Congress

WE the People have the Power!


Triad Systems:

Triad is owned by a man named Tod Rapp, who has also donated money to both the Republican Party and the election campaign of George W. Bush. Triad manufactures punch-card voting systems, and also wrote the computer program that tallied the punch-card votes cast in 41 Ohio counties last November.

This Triad company graphic displays the counties where their machines are used:

Given the ubiquity of the Triad voting systems in Ohio, the allegations that have been leveled against this company strike to the heart of the assumed result of the 2004 election.

Please, take the time to read more about t his vital issue t r u t h o u t - Proof of Ohio Election Fraud Exposed

Are you aware Diebold (maker of ATMs) is one of the companies involved in the voting machines and the head of the company held a Bush fund raiser the week of 9/28/03, and the head of Diebold promised Bush Ohio?

Are you aware YOUR voting machines, are manufactured by the company Secure Electronic Registration and Voting Experiment (SERVE) is the system and Accenture (formerly Anderson Consulting of Enron bankruptcy fame is the company?

Do you know who owns your machines, and who holds the codes? How the votes are counted?

t r u t h o u t - Kerry Files Motion to Protect Ohio Vote Evidence

t r u t h o u t - Electors Call for National Voting Reforms

The 2004 US Elections: The Mother of all Vote Frauds

t r u t h o u t - More Ohio Voting Problems Reported 12/11/04

t r u t h o u t - Doubts Persist about Election Results12/10/04

Black Box Voting: Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century
Bev' Harris' book. Please, read

Good News From Bev Harris

Computer scientists declare voting machines insecure
 Johns Hopkins study
Read many stories of citizens trying to find out who owns their voting machines

Scoop: Features > A Very American Coup
OUR voting machines are INSECURE!
Read about one citizen's attempt to learn more about the voting machines in his district. Recall YOUR tax dollars pay for these voting machines.

Are you familiar with Bev Harris and the Diebold FTP files?

Santa Clara County faces key decision on electronic ballots

The Vacation Column
Article in PC magazine about insecure machines

t r u t h o u t - Electronic Voting Systems 'Can't Be Trusted'

Analysis of Electronic voting
Study identifies security flaws in electronic voting system

Black Box Voting: Ballot - Tampering in the 21st Century

Scoop: Sludge Report #154 Bigger Than Watergate!
Read what Bev Harris has discovered

Google Search: voting machines

Study finds computer voting system vulnerable to tampering

Read the actual study

Offshore Company Captures Online Military Vote

Bill to Require Voter-Verified Paper Ballots

AlterNet: The Theft of Your Vote Is Just a Chip Away

Fight to Regain Our Voting Rights

AlterNet: A Voting and Democracy Primer MoveOn Bulletin

Democratic Underground Forums - Topic Page
Great blog

Democratic Underground

JHU Information Security Institute
A plethora of data related to security issues

Verified Voting - Campaign To Demand Verifiable Election Results

Vote fraud

Read about the Collier brothers book published in 1992 and with over 20 years documentation.

U.S. vote fraud and some solutions


Arnold video

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