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This project is now our chatrooms bios and tribute page.

Wow! I haven't updated this page in three years. Lots of new chatters on board and some regs who have departed.

If you want to join send a picture or an icon, a brief bio, quote or whatever you think might be appropriate. While doing so you can send a tribute to a chatter whom you want to recognize.

I've really been having fun searching the Netsophere for just the right icon that depicts something about the specific chatter.

What's really cool is as I search for one I run into another one that suddenly makes me think of someone and quickly capture it.

Send to with the subject Chat Room

Almost forgot -- my icon is now listed -- see if you can find me!  : P



A Tribute To Our Sweet Toode


"Has anyone seen my shoes?

A beautiful lady and a lovely person who also possesses a brilliant mind. A class act. Wonderful chatfriend.  Biology teacher who has also taught astronomy. She taught us the difference between a theory and a hypothesis. Eclectic interests. Able to discuss a myriad of topics and at great depth. We do not always agree, but can have lengthy debates and remain civil. She always makes the chatroom interesting. A woman who is secure in her womanhood. Has the courage of her convictions. Willing to stand for what is right. At the present time I'm encouraging her to write about her theory on time. It's quite plausible.

Her most recent endeavor is to  Save Pinckney Wildlife Refuge

Take a look at her thesis on Evolution©

Check out another  page
Bush Reasons For War ©


My dear chatfriend. One of a kind. Possesses a vast breadth of knowledge. A reporter in his early days. A published author, who has his own website Tom He also owns and operates It's worth it to join his health club to receive his educational, and informative newsletter "True Health." When it comes to health and nutrition Tom is the most informed chatter I've met. He recently retired from his "Radio Free America" Internet and ham radio program which was on the air for 16 years.

Tom can now be heard on The Midas Report GCNLIVE.COM

Tom has many ideas which do not meet with mainstream thinking -- leads to some of the room's most lively discussions.

Check out the many books he has authored Alibris: Tom Valentine

Myt Pen

WOW! A beauty inside and out. Such a sweet face and that beautiful, long silky hair! Devoted mother of two handsome sons. Has been a good friend who I'm glad to see back amongst us. Works in elementary education where she uses one of her many talents to create and design the school newsletters and calendars.  She has so many talents it would take the entire page to list them all. But, for now she is helping me learn how to crop pictures to be added to my tribute pages. Thank you! She is one of the most  insightful and perceptive people I've had the pleasure to meet.  Intelligent, creative and witty.  Vast knowledge of scripture.  She was there when I needed her. Have tremendous respect for her opinion. A source of strength to me on a personal level.

She is also a talented poet and writer. The Myt Pen©


Pretty is, as pretty does. Another favorite. Intelligent, insightful. Highly informative. A great contribution to the group. I'm always glad to see her in the room. Really enjoy her discussions on the renaissance. Factual and she teaches me a  lot.

"Obsolete AOL Guide"

She first came to our room as a host guide. Decided to stay. Glad she did, since she is a fine lady, with a great sense of humor. Thank you for  gracing the room with your presence.

"My day job."

 aka Helix


A favorite.  Unique. Intelligent and well informed. Great debater. Admire how she takes care of her mother. Love when she shares her stories. They are funny and heart rendering. She has a variety of interests, and loaded with facts. Says what she means and means what she says. We go back a long time and she has always  been an asset to the chat dynamic.      

"iif your not paranoid, your not paying attention
now that we have givin a long till we start shouting at each other?

What a handsome son. He must take after dad. A favorite of mine under any name.  A single dad who knows that kids learn best by examples.  A great debater, who is bright and informed. Authentic person. Hilarious sense of humor with clever timing.  Love it when he sings to us. He's the coolest dude on AOL  Sends us some great cartoons. workingforchange



A teacher with a different sort of sense of humor that takes time to get to know. She is principled (no pun intended -- notice the spelling.) Stands for what is right and even if the entire room disagrees with her she won't back down, but has perfect timing in her apologies. She will always hold a special place in my heart due to her standing with me against my stalker. WE prevailed!


"Competed in many horse shows equitation, fitting & showing, as well as barrel racing, pole bending & relay & won many top honors including Grand Champion."

Our resident cowgirl and rodeo rider. Look at that beautiful hair, the long neck, and those big brown eyes. A true beauty by any standard. The more I get to know her, the more I like her. She is as sweet as her name implies


"The pic showing is of my son and me at his wedding"

Lucky daughter-in-law to have such a sweet mother-in-law. Take a look at that beautiful, silky red hair. She always brings a smile to my face when I see her in the room. Well informed, and always happy.  She is also most wise. Her positive attitude makes our chatroom a better place. Thank you Red for your editing contributions!

Check out her
recipe listed in our
Pandora's Turkey

Chatroom Cook Book

 "A proud progressive."

An enthusiastic and energetic chatter. Good debater and well informed. Lives in a haunted house, and has a picture of the ghost to prove it. How cool is that?



The icon is due to his having lived in Panama. Another favorite. We've had some heated debates over unions vs greedy CEOs, however, we manage to remain friends. And, I love his enthusiasm. Very informed on a variety of topics. A great sense of humor too. Careful, he's quite adept at pulling legs.



A brilliant fellow and my new chatfriend. Able to discuss any topic. A prolific and eclectic writer of prose and fiction. Talented song writer and musician. Knows a lot about music-- the 'good stuff.' Delves deeply into topics and stays with you in a discussion. Love when he shares his fantastic and awesome ponderings. He has taught me a lot. Thank you for elevating our chatroom dynamic. Hope he gets his guitar for Christmas since I await his music download post on his page.

Please, read his eclectic and prolific works. Insight©2005


"and that was told in the bible that it would be like that, that false religions claiming to serve God would do that"

What a great talent she is.  A prolific poet, who provides insight by sharing her introspection. So glad she decided to share her works. Well informed. Interesting discussions. Stays with the topic. Can get 'scrappy.' She and I have in common that her hubby also served in Vietnam. Thank you for  sharing your many talents and gracing our chatroom with your presence.

Please check out her poems My Thoughts ©2005


A Physician Assistant (PA) and a favorite of mine. We go back a long time. Wish she would visit more often. I miss her. Intelligent, informed and able to debate any topic. Stays with the issues and is loaded with facts. Brave enough to stand up to the bullies. She is the one who advised me to allow my short story to be published. A strong self assured and confident woman. An authentic person and a friend.



Beautiful, thoughtful,  informed and pleasant. She manages to stay with the flow of the discussion. Insightful and listens to all sides. Willing to accept different opinions. She exudes a positive enthusiasm, that is contagious.  Her sense of  timing is great. Clever turn of a phrase. A definite asset to the chat dynamic. She is also a talented technical writer with a savvy business sense.



Met her when first came to the room over seven years ago. Another favorite. Our resident student scientist who teaches us what she learns in her studies of primates. Intelligent, and informative on a vast variety of topics. Very interesting chatter. With a unique and fascinating background. A tremendous help to me when was learning to be a gardener. Really great sense of humor. She never fails to add something to the discussions and enhances our group dynamic.


"Now what do we do?"

 Wow, look at that skin, those eyes and cheekbones. A real beauty, a nice person and always polite. She is relatively new to me. Considers all sides of an issue. A great asset to our room. Welcome!


"The most trusted name on AOL"

A favorite of mine, who is generous and with a heart of gold. We go way back to the very early days when the room was seldom full. He has been a trooper over the years standing up to the bullies. He really cares about the world and takes an interest in being informed on a variety of topics. A pleasure to chat with. He is truly an asset to the room. And, he sends the best email jokes. Thank you Mab, for making our room a better place.
Check out his page Mabisback


"Happy veterans day to all the ones who have & are still serving our nation."

Another chatter who is new to me. Always polite. Well informed. Enjoy seeing her in the room. A welcome contribution to the chat dynamic.


You may find  him in Mexico or  in Canada. He has a great news website. He was instrumental in helping Katrina victims find their families. Good job, James!

The Infozone -- News and Headlines ©2005


"gotta luv me"

One of my favorites. Well informed. Able to hold her own in a debate. Not only is she a beautiful, sexy lady, she also, has the courage to stand up to the bullies and stand for what is right. She holds a special place in my heart when several years ago she was the only one to stand for me. A class act. 


"Can't we all ... just get along."

Yes, he's a real cop. Dedicated to the job. Informed and interesting. Brings an intriguing perspective to discussions. We have our differences and often disagree, but we're able to disagree without being disagreeable. An asset to the room.



A welcome new addition, Mama lives in Germany. Her husband was recently deployed to Iraq. So she'll be gracing our room with her presence more often. She's very nice, always kind. Mama. please, tell your hubby we thank him for his service. Welcome to our room. We're here for ya.


She is not only one of my favorites, she is a room favorite. Intelligent, witty and with the ability to make me giggle. She is an authentic person. A loving and devoted mother. What a great son she has! Hope she knows just how much her sharing the loss of her mother served as an inspiration. Her sincerity and innocence managed to be one of those 'chat moments' when the entire room came together and we were there for one another.  Thank you, dear, Song for gracing our room with your presence. Thank you for blessing my life. A survivor!


"1967 too old an ugly now, ha"

 Respect how he holds his own when being attacked.  Insightful and witty. I'm getting more adept at deciphering his doobyspeak. Looks like he comes from the same era as myself. Maybe we can get together sometime and sing protest songs.

"The times they are a changing."

 "All we are saying is give peace a chance."


"hola,amigos y amigas"

John, is a physician who lives in Mexico. We have only recently met. He's well informed, with a wry sense of human. Welcome aboard.


The picture is of the heliotrope flower. She is a retired medical malpractice lawyer. Hails from Ireland. Provides a unique perspective of the American psyche. Intelligent, thoughtful and always manages to contribute something positive to the discussion. Admire her ability to stand up to bullies and to stand for what is right. A welcome addition to the chat dynamic. Cleverly coined the phrase;   "Im not married, I'm separated" (because his wife is in the kitchen)" ©



A favorite who has been around a long time. A veteran, a nurse and social worker. And a great cook who shares recipes. Currently a retired grandpa, who frequently regales us with stories about his darling granddaughter. If only all grandpas were like he -- the world would be a better place. Intelligent and informed. Adds, thoughtful perspective to discussions. Willing to listen to all sides and a great debater. Even though he is often unfairly and brutally attack he never lowers himself. Has been through a lot. A survivor! Often cooks up some clever phrases. "Chattitude"  and "cause du jour.


"to travel is to live"

Just getting to know this chatter. Very informed and with a diverse knowledge base. Interesting background. Brings a different and thoughtful rhythm to the chatdance.

"Liberals aren't good haters. We leave all that to the right wing."

Wow! What a beauty. Loving mother. Logical and insightful chatter who is willing to discuss all sides of an issue. We disagree on the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform bill, but she does respect differing opinions. She is somewhat new to me and has been a welcome addition.
 Recipes from Julielsl


Get me the hell off this Ma

Relatively new to the room. Articulate. Serves as the room mediator when the bickering starts to rear its ugly head. Can get a little 'randy' at times, which manages to add spice.

He loves music and when he explains why he likes a particular song, you begin to listen to the song in a way that you never did before and come to appreciate the song in a whole new way. He is the most adorable chatter on AOL. He is a funny character.

Submitted by Janine

"Hello all!"

I'm sure you've heard the saying; 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' She is thoughtful and informed. A woman who is secure in her femininity, she learns fast. A welcome addition to our chat dynamic. A chocolate delight. Thank you for gracing our room with your presence.



Happy Chatty, is what I call him. A favorite of mine who never fails to bring a smile to my face. A manly man who is secure in his masculinity. He is very involved in doing good for mankind. His baseball team is lucky to have him. Much smarter than he lets on. He may have the look of a kitten, but he has the heart of a lion. And, he's therapeutic. Coined the phrase ChattyChamber



Detail oriented. She has an insatiable curiosity. Exhibits an actual interest in other chatters, their lives and experiences. Actually engages you and will stay with the discussion. She's often unfairly bashed and made fun of, but she takes it in stride and learns from the encounters. She contributes a unique dynamic to the discussions. I've watched her grow over time as she adapts to the group and it's nuances. 
Blue contributed.



A favorite of mine who  has a lot of heart! Intelligent and informed. Works as WE the People, contacting her representatives about issues that impact us all. Great sense of humor.  A dedicated teacher who also loves football. She doesn't say much and can get lost in the chat flow, but it's well worth finding her to read. She often sends me informative emails, including jokes shared with others. Was there for me when needed.

Thank you for being a friend.


Wow! What can be said about Mirror. There simply are not enough words.  Her creator must be most proud of her work. An innocent soul with a heart of gold. Someone with the exquisite perception to realize the impact of intangibles. She has the wisdom to comprehend and ponder the implications of the tangibles. The ability to discern the journeys and lessons. A brilliant mind in the scope of a true artist. She elevates the room dynamic with her attitude of 'rising above it all.'  Confident enough to be accepting of others. However, admonishing the bullies and enablers. Secure in her womanhood she displays her empathy proudly!


Wish she could visit more often and stay with us longer. A pediatric ICU nurse who offers compassion and insight. She recently obtained her Legal Nurse Consulting (LNC)  education. LNCs are experienced nurses who take medical-legal classes preparing them to function as consulting experts and/or testifying experts. The LNC has the training and background to provide unique services to a broad range of fields. Cristi will be a great contribution as a peer. We welcome her into the fold.


"enters room, looks around to see if she knows anyone, sits down, orders a beer, changes mind, and gets a tea instead"

She is intelligent, thoughtful and insightful. Brings an interesting and unique perspective to the discussions. Great sense of humor. Can 'swear' at ya in two languages!


Samba &Master

The lovely couple who met in the chatroom. Samba a sultry and beautiful Latin woman who is secure in her femininity. A devoted mother and a kind insightful chatter. Master a man who takes some getting used to. He saw in Samba the beauty she was inside and decided to 'court' her. It was fun to behold. They are now getting to know one another and I'm happy for them!


"Hey all, from your fav redneck, guitar playing, down home fag."

Okay, we all know a man who loves cats can't be all bad. A wicked sense of humor. Loads of fun, and can be somewhat risqué at times. An all around good guy.


We go back to the early years. A great lady, who has been through a lot and stays true to self. Intelligent and informed. A brilliant debater who can get 'scrappy.' Great love of family. Wish you had more time to grace us with your presence more often. She submitted the first story to post on my site

Parachute BringontheClowns


A great guy, and a favorite who goes back a long time. A retired prison guard who is a brilliant debater  --  armed with facts. Educated us on the various types of hand guns. Admire his passion and ability to stand against the bullies and avoid the game playing.  Yet, is quite the ladies man in his own right. He can juggle several "repelicans" © at the same time.  Coined the most phrases, a few being  -- dink - damned ignorant neocon kook . Thank you rules for being a friend.   


A beautiful soul and another favorite who goes back a long time. She stays true to self. Has a famous brother who she is most proud of. I am very proud to know her. She is ethical,  and an authentic individual. She was mercifully and unfairly attacked by a bully who destroyed the chatroom many years ago and WE stood against it and prevailed. Admire how she never failed to rise above it all. Thank you, for being a friend.


Thank you so much.....and yes, he's a very loving boy...or little man, I should say. I swear, God blessed me with him and I'm very lucky to have him as my son and companion.  I've really enjoyed what you've done with your site...keep up the good work!!

Wow! Talk about being happy and loved! Our Cheryl is blessed. Devoted mom who is intelligent and insightful. Has an interesting career as a probation officer. Friendly, kind and warm-hearted. She has a quiet self-confidence with no tolerance for real ugliness. Lets the little stuff go, but when she sees a bully she won't hesitate to state her opinion of him and his behavior then moves on to other topics. Able to have lengthy discussions made all the more interesting by her unique sense of humor and remarkable timing.
Some content contributed by Blue



A favorite who has been around awhile. She devotes her efforts as a child abuse advocate who educates in hospitals about 'shaken baby syndrome.' Works with groups who are advocates of physically and sexually abused children. A fine example of altruism!  She not only advocate, she educates while seeking justice and prevention. No bandaid approach with lady! She stands for what is right. She is  not only intellectually intelligent, she is also, emotionally  intelligent and with a great sense of humor. Compassionate and  strong. Tactful and diplomatic. The talent to be kind while being assertive without ever being insulting or rude. I never fail to learn from her. Thank you Kris, for the fine work you do. A noble calling indeed. Thank you for elevating our chat dynamic. Some content contributed by Blue


A lady who is intelligent and with the courage to stand for what is right. Her sense of humor is outstanding. Great one liners -- zingers. Willing to listen to all views and with the ability to agree to disagree. Confident and secure in her femininity. We have had some great discussions. Stays with the topic and will accept sources where she delves further into the issue and gets back to you. Greatly appreciate how she takes the time to read my essays and commentaries. Offers valuable insightful and perceptive feed back.

Check out her page.
Good Karma


"Yea, I am basically a conservative....but I still try to respect my fellow Americans for their thoughts and actions...for I believe that they HONESTLY feel they are trying to do what is best....and THAT is what makes this land the BEST...."

He not only allows others their right to their views -- he bravely fought and served under eight presidents to protect ALL American citizens  right to express their views.  Been around for awhile and has earned my respect.



He has graced our room with his presence as long as I can remember. A pilot who is also intelligent and quite entertaining. Well informed on a variety of topics. Educates us about planes. Adores his beautiful wife.  He doesn't visit often, but when he does he manages to stir up the chatters due to his ability to 'turn a phrase.'  If you catch him at the right moment he can sometimes be really serious and participate in healthy debate. Can be risqué at times and with a charming sense of humor. Admire how he stands up to bullies and his tenacity regarding TOS issues.


A talented writer. She exhibits great depth. Intelligent and informed on a  broad range of topics. Very interesting to read when it comes to factual American Indian history and issues. Love when she shares her thoughtful, innovative and progressive ideas on child rearing. Her spiritually oriented and perceptive contributions elevate our discussions.
Blue contributed.


Wow! Look at that beautiful hair and that smile. Such a pretty face too! A great and gentle lady who has been a welcome addition to our chat dynamic for many years. Always kind and gracious. She also has her own website check it out.

Heavenly Universal Star

Sand's pride and joy!
"Hey, Grandma! I want one of those!"

If only all grandmas were like she! Since I last updated her tribute, she has a new granddaughter who is going to be just like gramma!  Sand is one of my favorite chatters. She sits there quietly observing the 'chatanamics' while we all make fools of ourselves and with her remarkable and impeccable timing she will post a quip that causes the entire room to laugh hysterically. A downright good person who is devoted to family. Worked hard all her life as a waitress struggling to support her kids while she held fast to her life long passion for a formal academic education. When she manages to find the money and time to take a class this waitress winds up knowing more than her professor! Well informed and with a remarkable mind! Her dead pan sense of humor keeps us all in line. Strong ethics, with the motto; 'don't get mad, get even.' Her intuitive timing results in her being our best joke poster. We usually agree on most things, except Alan Greenspan. And, the fact that she can decipher greenspeak attests to her uniqueness.  Looks out for her customers while she keeps them  and her boss in line! Ask her sometime about that dangerous rug!

Check out her humorous and on point public education link. 

Restaruant Etiquette for   Dummies

Sand's Song


Intelligent and with a great sense of humor. Has the courage to stand for what is right. Freely shares recipes. The link to read them will soon be posted here.


A true angel who has been around for a long time. She and Rage met in the chatroom and they have been a loving couple for quite awhile. She was wise enough to recognize in Rage the real man that he is. They have their ups and downs, but in spite of the obstacles they manage to stay together as they learn and grow. Witty and clever with a great sense of humor!  And, Rage sees in her the wonderful and real woman that she is!


He's been around a long time. Possesses a brilliant mind and is often misunderstood. A veteran who has been through a lot. He seeks truth. He posts truths. He is one of the rare ones who is not caught in, "The Partisan Vortex" He posts his thoughts as pure as they are. He does not mind being judged. He is gaining insight into others as well as into himself. Currently reading the Bible Code and sharing with us what he learns. He and Tootsie met in the room and have been a couple for awhile now. He regales us with his trials and tribulations faced while dealing with the judicial system when it comes to child support issues.



Supervisor of a hospital respiratory therapy department. Intelligent, and clever. Also possesses a unique sense of humor.  A savvy debater who always has the facts to back up what he posts. He certainly has many positive attributes to be admired. What I like most is that he is a  man who is secure in his masculinity. Stands up to bullies. Was there for me when needed. 

on the left

Lettered in five sports in high school. Runs a very successful cattle operation in Texas. As of this update he is awaiting the arrival of a baby! What a lucky child!


A talented writer. Intelligent and informed. Shares important information not found in the mainstream media. Always able to post sources.  Sends informative emails and posts interesting sites. Elevates the chat dynamic.

Please, read her recent submission How Bureaucracy Facilitates Crime



We go back a long time. Smart and down to earth. Shares her funny stories from her experiences working in the ER. Delightful sense of humor. Always glad to see her in the room.



"just an october dusting"

Intelligent, witty and  a great chatter. Check out his homepage and look at the items he offers for sale. soaknuplife


Works as a chef and is generous with recipes and culinary advice. Dry sense of humor and quite a tease.  If he senses someone has a problem he will get right out of tease mode and try to help. Courageously and cleverly deals with the bullies using his hilarious taunts. Adds an interesting dynamic to the discussions. Some content contributed by Blue




Quiet, self-deprecating fellow who lives in California.  Subtle sense of humor. He will come out of nowhere and cause you to literally ROFL using a short four word post.  Very creative mind and a trained photographic artist.  Serious cyclist with 1,000s of miles under his belt. Very knowledgeable about biking and bicycles. He is consistent and avoids the pitfalls of the petty bickering and cliques. Always glad to see him in the room.  Some content submitted by Blue.

Play that funky music white boy!"

Very knowledgeable about guitars. Found we have something in common. We are both Motown  fans. Was quite impressed that he knew who the Funk Brothers were. The "in house band' who shaped the Motown sound. Few have even heard of them. Yet, they influenced the music industry in perpetuity.  The Beatles and the Stones to name just two. Not only did they not receive their just recognition, their legacy of exploitation brings tears to my eyes. Please, read about this great American group. Tell your friends and family about them and their awesome  contributions.

The Funk Brothers



A gentleman who hails from Wales. Intelligent and shares his perceptive insight into the American psyche. A great mate!
rogergeoffrey's© 2005 Album:Dyserth

Click To view the 11 pictures in this Album. As the recipient you can download, re-share and order prints and gifts containing these pictures.. Please do not use the owner's pictures in an unexpected way.



Lawyer and teacher. Loves money. Clearly states his views on anything, but he does it quietly and without aggression even when being attacked. Great sense of humor that is often overlooked. We disagree on unions and several other issues. Polite during his partisan bickering. Calls every Pak fact a conspiracy. However, his partisan bias does not prevent us from agreeing to disagree. His faint font often times prevents me from reading him.
Blue contributed.



One of our staunch republicans. She loves her President Bush too!







Judge not lest ye be judged.

Have found that she is willing to discuss different views if you can get her  attention.



"Why am I doing this?"

Somewhat controversial. When he's in the room you can bet there will be some excitement. He's much smarter and informed than he lets on. He sent me a picture of a motorcycle he 'put together' and it was indeed grand! He is a loving father and an asset to our room. We agree about Wal-Mart


An intelligent chatter and devoted mother. Talented chef who is currently writing a fantasy novel. Great gardener and loves animals. I have learned a lot from her. She is also a Pink Floyd fan and we both love their "Comfortably Numb " lyrics. Especially, the metaphors.


Chat Room Tribute Volume 2

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