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Our book club is a work in progress and of course there is a learning curve. We are working on ways to include an eclectic variety of books and working together to come up with a format for discussion.

Some chatters want to discuss the book in the room and some chatters want to set aside a private room for discussion. Some chatters would like to have two books offered so that a chatter may participate in one or both or just show up to read the comments about the books.

Therefore, we are offering two books:

Due to the recent chatroom references to the author John Steinbeck and today's war in Iraq, thought his book, The Moon is Down would be of interest.

Readers may be tempted to replace the term “Norway” with “Iraq,” “coal” with “oil,” and “Germany” with the phrase “Coalition.” The story even has a “fifth column” Ahmed Chalabi-like character, who sets up the town for an easy occupation, imagining he will be dearly beloved by the people. It may serve to provide a perspective on the dynamics of 'insurgency' and 'quislings.'

George Orwell George Orwell : 1984

Use the above link to read the book online.

It's a short read. Not only is it worth your time due to its content and the parallels in today's world, but also due to the social climate and the fact that Orwellian references abound today.


All feedback is welcome!

Please, check below, for the list of suggested selections.

We've had a lot of positive feedback regarding this endeavor with many chatters offering great suggestions, and helping contribute to this worthwhile effort

One of our chatters, Ozs28  says he often reads books online, which is a great idea, and  FREE!

MrHousingBubble contributed these links:


Do you have a favorite book, or a book you feel would be of interest?

Do you have a book you have not read and would like to suggest and discuss?

This endeavor is meant as an informal pursuit where we all can enjoy ourselves. Learn something new and have some fun!

If agreeable to chatters, the comments and feedback regarding the books will be posted under links in the comments section to the left of this page.

We look forward to this new endeavor!

Come join us and Enjoy!

Suggestions for upcoming selections:

Oldtyler: John Dean: Conservatives Without Conscience

Janine: Jimmy Carter: Endangered Values

Candy: Robert R. McCammon's  Swan Song

Pak:  George Orwell: 1984
         Plato's Republic: Allegory of the cave

Cheba: Bob Woodward: State of Denial: Bush at War

Serpentine: Thomas Ricks, Fiasco - Google Video  Video of Thomas Ricks interview with Bill Maher

Serpentine suggests reading all three books -- State of Denial: Bush at War and Fiasco  and   Imperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq's Green Zone by Rajiv Chandrasekaran and then scheduling a time to discuss!

If you have questions or suggestions or any feedback to offer, please, feel free to contact:





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