Chat Room Cook Book


Please, note that several recipes to be added as time allows.

The idea to add a comments section was submitted by: Keshet

Substituting cooking ingredients

Food Recipe Substitutions - Home Cooking

Grandmas Pantry Subs

Submitted by: MoneyMakesUCuterter

Helpful Hints

The following links provide chatter contributions to our cookbook.

The recipes are listed alphabetically. Chatters who give permission will have their submission credited.

We are working on how to make the page format easier to navigate. Your suggestions, and ideas are most welcome, and in fact encouraged!

To the left of this page are links providing ingredient substitutions, and there will soon be a Helpful Hints link and a comments section for those to leave feedback regarding the recipes.

We are also in the process of searching for pictures of recipes and icons to post on pages.

Send recipes to and we can enjoy your unique and delicious food!

Borracho Beans
submitted by: Smartz

Brownie Swirl Cheesecake
submitted by: MoneyMakesUCuter

Cathead Biscuits
submitted by: SeamusMcDooby

Chili recipe
submitted by MaddyHayes

Coconut Cream Pie (Gwinns)
submitted by: Gwinnett

Chocolate Eclair
submitted by: Keshet

Country Style Hash Brown Potatoes
submitted by: Tiggerlynne

Cream Cheese Pound Cake
submitted by:Smartz

Herbed Green Beans
submitted by :Tiggerlynne

Italian Soup
submitted by: MoneyMakesUCuter

Liz's Baked Ziti
submitted by: TheBeatlesFan

Mom's Chocolate Cake Icing and Fudge Recipe
submitted by: MoneyMakesUCuter

Nanny's Rice Krispie Sandwiches
submitted by:MsNanny

Pandora's Turkey
submitted by Sylkred

Pulla Bread
submitted by James

Quick Desserts
submitted by: Browd and Wine/Blondi

Reuben Soup
submitted by: Treasure

Sea Food Chowder
submitted by: MoneyMakesUCuter

Sweet buffalo wings
submitted by: CandyYamm

Szechuan Beef Stir-fryz
submitted by Rowan

Taco Dip
submitted by: Bugout

Texas recipes
submitted by Julielsl

Tigg's Football Dip
submitted by: Tiggerlyne

White Chocolate Raspberry Mousse
submitted by: MoneyMakesUCuter






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