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I have recently fixed the broken links to the military records. More and more sites now house the Bush military records. The document copy is small but if you wait there will be an orange icon where you can click and enlarge the document.

Detailed Records

More info

Enlistment package


The Military records of George Walker Bush

The following documents were obtained using the processes outlined in the Freedom Of Information Act

The Military records of George Walker Bush

Document 2 - (doc2.gif)-Second Bush request for temporary transfer

Document 4 - (doc4.gif) -Annual Officer Effectiveness Report part 1

Document 5 - (doc5.gif)-HQ disallows transfer

Document 6 - (doc6.gif)-lt. Colonel Brickens Response

Document 7 - (doc7.gif) -First transfer request

Document 9 - (doc9.gif)-Annual Officer Effectiveness Report part 2

Document 10 - (doc10.gif)- Chronological Listing

Document 11 - (doc11.gif)-HQ approval.

Document 12 - (doc12.gif)-HQ request for more information

Document 14 - (doc14.gif)-Bush duty assignments

Document 16 - (doc16.gif)-1973 days credited.

Document 17 - (doc17.gif)-Orders to report for active duty.

Document 20 - (doc20.gif)- Bush request for discharge from Texas Air NationalGuard and Transfer to inactive reserves

Document 21 - (Doc21.gif)- Texas Air National Guard OK for transfer to inactive reserves

Document ANG22 - (ang22.gif) - Bush discharge papers

Document 23 - (doc23.gif)-Penalty for bad attendance

Document 24 - (doc24.gif) -Statement of intent: "Flying is lifetime goal."

Document 25 - (doc25.gif)-TXANG Request to be notified if Bush is assigned to reserves. May 72

Document 26 - (doc26.gif)- Contract of Service

Document 27 - (doc27.gif)- Request Discharge

Document 28 - (doc28.gif)-"Not available for administrative reasons."

Document 30 - Bush's suspension from flying.


This is a cover letter from the National Guard Bureau (I wrote to the pentagon and they sent the request to the NGB) coldfeet/cover2.gif

Here is the unaltered Document 99 

Note that there is no handwriting applied to this document. The one used by George Magazine has been altered at a later date.

This is the cover letter from the Reserve Personnel Center in Denver CO coldfeet/Den_cov_letter.gif

Here is a PR release  coldfeet/He_gets_high_PR_release.gif

Second page of the PR release coldfeet/afterburners.gif

FOIA request coldfeet/FOIApg1.gif

FOIA request coldfeet/FOIApg2.gif  

Postcard confirming document shipment coldfeet/pcd_reply.gif  

Some questions about Bush's past "Were you ever arrested"

Click Here For Background On These Documents

This page and documents mirrored from its original location: http://users.cis.net/coldfeet/document.htm


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