The book The Kite Runner -- thought the book was pretty good. It was sad, but then the nation in which it is set is a sad situation. One area that I discussed with Helio and Candy is the rape of Hassan and then later his son by Aseef. The blond curls which were metaphorical for outsiders, seemed to depict the generational abuse and rape of Afghanistan.

The beating that Amir took seemed to express to me his feelings that he was being punished so to speak for his abuse of Hassan over the years. And, the fact that his beating resulted in a split lip, was symbolic of Hassan's, harelip. Amir felt he was being redeemed, and the beating served as a catharsis.

I also thought while I was reading that Hassan may have been Baba's son and that may be why the mother left. So I was not as surprised when the author revealed this later on. However, Candy was very surprised to learn of that history.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn about a new author and to discuss this book!

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