Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

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This page was last updated 09/05/12

April 2005, Congress passed legislation to drill in this region! Read the history and please continue contacting your representatives.

September 13, 2005 a letter from Jimmy Carter

t r u t h o u t - Jimmy Carter | Arctic Folly

April, 2003, the House approved tax breaks for energy companies and set up a showdown with the Senate over energy policy, particularly drilling in this wildlife refuge.

The information you hear is from the oil companies and their friends.

There is no logical reason to drill in this area. On the contrary, there will be great detriment and far reaching negative ramifications if drilling is approved.

There is no going back. This is forever.

We have numerous examples well documented in our American history, the indigenous peoples being displaced, the land being desecrated and a way of life lost forever. The motivation being greed and for the benefit of personal agendas. 

The facts according to our governments' own studies concluded this refuge is not guaranteed to produce the oil. Most experts predict that oil production from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge could not begin for 7-12 years and the Congressional Research Service estimates it would take at least 15 years.

It is estimated that the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contains no more than a six month supply of oil at our current consumption rates.

Scroll down this page and learn who actually benefits from this drilling. Learn who is harmed -- the benefits do not outweigh the risks.

The USA uses 25% of the world's oil and has 3% oil reserves. The oil companies currently hold drilling rights over 95% of the Arctic region. And again history repeats itself the greedy and powerful 'want it all.'

The oil companies, our public servants and the main stream media fail to give much publicity to the oil spills that occur on average every day. Some of those spills being thousands of gallons of oil. British Petroleum was fined over $20million last year for toxic waste dumping.

Please, contact your representative and ask them to vote to protect not only the land, but also the animals, indigenous peoples, their livelihood and their culture.

We are making history and there is no going back -- forever is a long time -- in exchange for six months of oil at current consumption rates. Risking destruction of a culture that has endured for over a thousand years!

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Top ten oil company myths

Defenders of Wildlife

Overview of the Issue
On May 16, 2001 Cheney revealed the results of months of meetings of his Energy Task Force: a national energy plan. President Bush had established the Task Force in January 2001 under Vice President Cheney's leadership.

The plan essentially made Cheney's statement about 'personal virtue' national policy. It put a premium on exploring for and extracting more oil, and proposed that the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve be used for this purpose.

While it paid lip service to alternative energy sources, its recommendations focused almost exclusively on the need for more 'energy supply' - more oil - more nuclear plants - more coal.

Do the oil companies have connections with the governmental proponents of drilling in the refuge?


Mr. George W Bush
Oil and gas firms have donated $1,761,567 to George Bush’s presidential campaign, making the oil and gas industry one of Bush’s top 10 contributors in Election 2000.  Profile-GW Bush

Corporation --which proclaimed itself as 'the world’s leading energy company'-- was one of President Bush’s top 10 donors giving $113,800 to his 2000 presidential campaign.

Enron was also Bush’s top career patron -- giving $555,275 throughout Bush’s political career.

The second greatest Bush career patron -– donating $322,400 - was the Sanchez family of Laredo Texas owners of Sanchez-O’Brien Oil and Gas. 

$85,500 in donations from persons who work for oil and oil affiliated industries.

The Presidential Inaugural Committee has received $1,000,000 (that's one million dollars) in funding from the oil and gas industries.

Oil and gas companies have contributed at least $556,700 to Bush’s 1994 and 1998 gubernatorial campaigns, and an additional $944,733 in large contributions came from individuals affiliated with oil companies.

George Bush is a former oil man himself having owned the fairly unsuccessful Arbusto Energy Inc. and Bush Exploration.

These companies in 1984 merged with Spectrum 7 (Bush was named chairman and CEO) which was later bought by out Harken Oil and Gas in 1986 and we all remember what happened with Harken -- no wait -- we don't -- since dad as president used executive privilege and had the SEC investigation records sealed.

Need I ask you why it was necessary to seal the investigation if there was no wrongdoing?

Vice President Richard Cheney
Mr. Cheney had been CEO of Halliburton Company–the world’s largest oil service company since 1995. The same company getting the military support contracts without bidding.

Halliburton has contributed in excess of $1,600,000 to federal candidates since the 1992 elections.

Halliburton has a number of operations on the North Slope of Alaska that stand to benefit from increased oil production there.

Cheney also served on the Board of Directors and Public Policy Committee of the American Petroleum Institute.

The oil and gas industry was the largest contributor to Cheney’s 1988 congressional race. Profile-Cheney

Secretary of Interior Gale Norton
Ms. Norton has worked for the Mountain States Legal Foundation which has received funding from Amoco, Marathon Oil and Phillips Petroleum.

Energy and natural resource interests contributed over a third of the financing of Norton’s 1996 Senate Race with the oil and gas segment being her second largest contributor.

She was also charged with being in contempt of court for misappropriating $137,000,000,000 ($137 billion) owed to Native Americans? Litigation is (slowly) pending.

Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham
Mr. Abraham received $211,771 from oil and gas companies in his recent Senate race, making him the fourth largest recipient of oil and gas contributions in the 2000 election. 

Oil and gas companies were among the top ten contributors to Abraham’s 1996 Senate Race, donating $108,850.

Wired News: Energy Nominee Once Nixed Dept
Read how Abraham as Senator tried to abolish the department he is now the head of

e-mail enverlope animated -- Write To Congress, the President and State Legislators

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
The facts

History repeats itself. Greedy people abusing natural resources -- once the resource is depleted -- going outside the USA to forcefully take the resources of other nations.

The indigenous peoples oppressed and displaced for sake of profit.

I am outraged that my tax dollars are used to benefit the special interests of the Bush regime oil cronies.


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